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Sex Tips: Sex Positions For More Orgasms

I just posted a new video on how to optimize any sex position so that you get maximum pleasure…And how to find sex positions that help the female partner reach orgasm more easily.
PLUS… the hows and whys of making sure that you’re doing it in a way that maximizes the experience for the dude too.
It’s all here…Please leave comments or questions and, if you like this material that I’m sharing on youtube, please show your support for mature conversations about sex and the importance of passion in our lives by SUBSCRIBING.


Sex Tips: How To Give The Best Blowjob Ever

I just made a video on a subject that
WOMEN are always asking me about: How to give a man the best oral sex experience of his entire life.
There are a lot of tips and techniques out there, but I never hear anyone talking about the what I believe is the absolute, #1, most
POWERFUL way to rock our worlds…
I want to know if you agree.
Plus, it would be really cool if you wanted to leave a comment or tip that would be helpful for my female readers.


Sex Tips: What To Do AFTER Sex To Build Intimacy In Your Relationship

It’s easy, it’s sweet, and it works beautifully to make you both feel closer.
Do this in the morning and you’ll be thinking about each other all day long with a smile…


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