Every now and again you learn something so important, yet so simple, that it changes your entire life. This post could be one of them.

Learning the lesson in this video is simple and perhaps to some, even obvious…

But I challenge you to LIVE the lesson in this video, to consistently remember and DO these lessons every single day. What is at stake is your very life, and the satisfaction you will be able to achieve for yourself and for your lovers.

Here’s the deep lesson I’ve been trying to put into everything that I send you:

The best way to be great in bed is to be a great lover in your heart.
The best way to get anyone to fall in love with you, is to BECOME THE PERSON that they can’t help but love.
The best way to give someone love is to be the person they most want to be loved by.
The best way to make your lover never leave you is to become the person that YOU would never leave.

Here’s how…

Dr. Sean Stephenson is one of my closest friends, truly a brother to me, and he IS everything I hope to teach my audience.

He recorded this from a TED talk he gave at a prison to an audience of prisoners, but the lesson is for YOU.

If you get this, you’ll have the deepest secret I know to having great sex, a great relationship, and the deepest, most beautiful romance imaginable with your lover.

If you don’t understand the essential connection, please leave your comments below, and let’s talk about it. I’d love to hear your thoughts: