Couples who argue a lot often find their way into couples counseling… and one the common pieces of advice they often hear is: “Would you rather be right, or happy?”

On the surface this sounds like a bit of a blow off, like: eat your pride and just agree with your crazy partner, even when they’re wrong.

In fact, it’s much more insightful than that…

To view on youtube: Couples Counseling: Why Argue…Learn how to stop arguing and save your relationship

Arguing is one of the biggest problems that people in relationships face, and whether you’re trying to save a marriage or save a relationship, learning how to stop arguing is IMPORTANT…

The big move here isn’t to just agree for the sake of peace… it’s to recognize that what you think you’re right about is really not even at issue. When your partner recognizes that you prioritize the relationship over being right, not only does it stop the argument, it also make the issue over who was right completely irrelevant most of the time.

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