What is Sexual Power?

Last month while I was at Burning Man, I hosted a panel discussion with some of the most brilliant minds in the area of advanced sexuality and intimacy… teachers that I admire both for the depth of their knowledge and for the quality of their  relationships.

The title of the discussion was: “Harnessing Your Sexual Power: How To Be Sexually Powerful In Committed Relationships”

I began the discussion with these definitions…

1) Sexual Power is your ability to have exactly the erotic experience you want to, for your partner… and for your self.

2) A Committed Relationship is a relationship that you’re emotionally committed to.  It’s a priority that matters to you and that you’ll honor, with commitment, regardless of whether you are monogamous or polyamorous.

3) I take it to be self-evident that it’s HARDER to be sexually powerful in committed relationships.  Novelty is not on your side, your partner already knows all of your tricks, and there is much more at stake emotionally if you fail.

With that as the ground work, I posed this question for the panel:

“How do you create and maintain Sexual Power in your Committed Relationship?”

What happened after that was pure magic.  I had people coming up to me all week telling me it was one of the most powerful and informative talks they had ever attended on any subject.

Over the next several weeks I’ll be doing videos on the exact techniques that we revealed.  They are all, in their own way, profound.  And any one of them has the power to re-write the course of your relationships into something much more satisfying, exciting, lasting, and… powerful!

Here is the first video:  The Radar Dish Technique, Video #1 From “The Burning Man Panel”