After hundreds and hundreds of conversations with women about men and sex, one thing is crystal clear: Women are dying for real men who trust themselves to be men and who are comfortable being a masculine partner.

And after hundreds of conversations with men about sex, women, and relationships, it’s becoming starkly plain: The vast majority of men are not confident being that man.

Most men I talk to say the same thing… they feel close, they feel like they are just on the border of really stepping into their masculine power, but something is holding them back. And so they feel like most of the time, they are “faking it,” and pretending to be the man that they know they are not.

I am committed to making this my top project for 2015 and I NEED YOUR HELP.

Please take some quiet and uninterrupted time to thoughtfully answer these questions. Your opinions, ideas, and your honesty really matter to me and to this project:

(**If you are one of my female readers, I know it’s tempting, but please do not mess up the data by taking this survey yourself. Feel free to leave your thoughts in the blog comments below. Thanks!)