sexual attraction and sexual desireSexual desire and sexual attraction… two sides to the same coin.

Today’s video answers a question from a reader who wants to know if it’s okay to show his sexual desire on a date…

I get this question all the time from both men and women who feel that the opposite sex will be less attracted to them if they show their sexual desire too early… but get frustrated when they get put in the “friend zone” when they aren’t clear about their interest in a sexual relationship.

There is actually only one authentic path here, and it is always the most attractive too? If you want your dates to turn into romance, sexual fun, and the kind of REAL interactions that lead to satisfying and passionate relationships… watch this now:

I’d love hear your comments below. I might not be answering all of them this week because I’m off to Burning Man in 2 days!

If you’re going to be at the event this year, I’ll be doing a few talks and workshops on sex at Camp Mystic.

Also note that between B.M. and my wedding coming up in a few weeks, I’m taking a few weeks off on the video production. The good news is that Breaking Bad is back while I’m gone 😉

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