The Porn (or Video Screen) Addiction Self Assessment Test
Aug 28

The Porn (or Video Screen) Addiction Self Assessment Test

If you want to take control over the amount of porn you watch (or social media, video game, or any other time-sucking screen addiction),  without having to battle yourself every day for the rest of your life… You’re in the right place.

The short, “Porn Addiction Self Assessment Test,” below is specifically targeted towards men who over-use pornography, but the underlying ideas are applicable to any kind of habit or addiction, and in particular, video-screen-based habits.

This self assessment test will get you started on the process of ridding yourself of both the habit and ultimately, even the cravings that make the habit/addiction so difficult to manage.

And it only takes a few seconds:

Answer the questions in each section as “mostly true” or “mostly false.”

Section 1:

  • I can only reach orgasm with porn, almost never when I have sex with a real woman.
  • I can only get an erection with porn, almost never with a real woman.
  • I rarely or never wake up with erections, even though my doctor tells me that the issue is not cardio-vascular, hormone, prescription medication, or illness related.
  • When I fantasize in order to get hard when I’m with a woman, I usually fantasize about watching a scene on my computer (rather than a fantasy involving myself engaged in a sex act, or a “partner replacement” fantasy).
  • The porn that used to get me off is no longer that interesting to me, and I now have to watch more taboo scenes and subject matter that make me a little uncomfortable in order to get off.

If you answered “mostly true” about ANY of these statements, then your situation is critical, and you should take immediate action.

Your answers mean that real neuroplastic changes, both chemical and physiological, have occurred in your brain.  It is critical to your ability to regain sexual function to quite porn now.

If you haven’t already, you may begin to experience secondary consequences of continued porn use, including depression, social anxiety, and further sexual dysfunction.

Your best course of action is get your hands on the LEVEL II Recovery program, and begin immediately.  In 5-days you will be well on your way to a normal, and vastly improved life.

Section 2:

  • I find that many times I’ll interrupt what I’m doing to go watch some porn when I see an ad, an instagram photo, suggestive image, or something else that I find sexy online.
  • I sometimes spend more time watching porn than I intended, or watch when I know I shouldn’t, and that I have other things I need to do.
  • I sometimes feel guilty or feel frustrated that I watch too much porn and promise myself that I’m going to cut back, but I still watch at least as much as before I make these promises to myself.
  • I sometimes choose to stay home with porn, rather than go out with friends or a date.
  • I enjoy porn more than sex.
  • When I use porn, I never watch 1 or 2 videos, but always click through many videos, channel surf, or even view in multiple windows, until I find just the right one to finish with.

If you answered “mostly true” to ANY of the statements in Section 2, then your situation with porn is serious.  You almost certainly have incurred chemical changes in your brain that promote addiction, and it’s very probably that you are on your way to full-blown addiction, including loss of sexual function and increasing social anxiety if you don’t do something about it now.

You will mostly likely be alright following the LEVEL I Recovery Program, but you may want to consider the Full, Level II Porn Recovery.  I recommend that you start with the Level I program, and if you find it impossible to stick with it, it means you’ve got a more serious addiction and neuroplastic brain changes, and I highly advise you to take on the Full Level II Porn Recovery program.

Section 3:

  • I sometimes binge-watch porn.
  • I watch porn more frequently than I have sex with a real human.
  • I think I can learn how to be a better lover by watching porn.
  • I think porn is wrong… but I watch anyway.
  • I never masturbate to fantasy– I exclusively use porn to get off when I’m alone.
  • I watch some porn almost every day.

If you answered “mostly true” about ANY of these statements, but answered “mostly false” to ALL of the statements in sections 1 and 2, then your situation is guarded.

You are not currently addicted to porn, and there is no reason to believe that porn is a problem in your life… yet.  But you DO have all of the classic warning signs of what could become a full-blown porn addiction.

Why wait until changes to your neurology are harming your health and happiness? Once those changes occur it can much more difficult to quit and regain your life.

I strongly advise you to take on The Level I Partial Porn Recovery Program in order to keep your habit in check and your sex life and happiness protected.

MANY men will answer “mostly false” to every question on this page.  If that’s you, CONGRATULATIONS!   You have nothing to worry about, and whatever you’re doing, continue to enjoy it!

However, remember that you are messing with a potentially addictive and harmful substance, and handle with care. Keep an eye on yourself, just as you would with a recreational drug that you use only occasionally.

If you treat porn this way, then you are more likely to notice if things begin to slide and you can take appropriate action long before it becomes a problem.

If you already know that you have a problem, you may believe that your struggles with porn use are due to procrastination, or lack of a girlfriend, or escapism/numbing out, or maybe even deep seated self-esteem issues… While in reality, the sole cause is something leading experts now understand are neuroplastic changes to your brain.

If you want to regain lost time, improve your sexual relationships, regain your normal libido and sexual function, increase your self esteem, and enjoy all of the other benefits that come from cutting porn out of your life, this is the solution.

The 5-day recovery program (both Level I and Level II) that I have linked to on this page is something I researched and designed for men who are uncomfortable with the amount of porn they consume.

It is based on the most up-to-date and effective addiction recovery models that exist in the world today.  Because of the huge amount of real-world evidence around these methodologies, I am confident that they will work for any man who applies himself to the 5-day process.

It will work equally well for addictions to social media, video games, or even newsfeed addiction!  In fact, though it is designed for screen-based addictions, there are useful tools and insights in this program for anyone suffering from ANY kind of addiction.

Plus, the changes that you will experience during the course of this program will radically upgrade every aspect of your life, and they will introduce you to the incredible, self-esteem building effects of learning that you have the power to change the way your brain works, and to self-author the life you desire.

Obviously a five day program that frees you from a serious addiction is something I’d be comfortable charging hundreds of dollars for.  After all, it can easily replace years of therapy or even wildly expensive rehab programs.

But the fact is, most of the world doesn’t take porn and other screen addictions seriously enough, and I know that thousands, perhaps even millions of men’s lives are badly diminished by this challenge.

It affects healthy socialization for teens, self esteem of young, single men, and undermines (and sometimes even crushes) marriages of men who are much older.

So I’m selling both version of the recovery program together for only $14.99.  In other words, I want this to be as easy to pick up and apply in your life as a book.  Something just about anyone can afford to do on a whim.

If even $14.99 is more than you can spend right now, for whatever reason, but you are someone who needs this program, don’t let money be a barrier to fixing this problem.  Please email my customer support team, and we’ll take care of you.

Take action now by clicking the link below and you can have total command over those insistent cravings in just 5 days.


  1. James
    August 28, 2016 at 9:08 pm · Reply

    Hey this time won’t work for me, are you offering other sessions?
    Very interested

    • Alex Allman
      August 29, 2016 at 9:21 am · Reply

      Hey James, this will be the only session, but if you register you’ll have access to the replay. I’m working on a book on the subject for next year some time.

  2. Curby
    August 28, 2016 at 9:44 pm · Reply

    Alex, it seems you are presuming that the only truly healthy modality of sexual expression for males is copulation with a female of the species. In my case, my mother was and is a sociopath who tries to appear normal, but who is simply incapable of a genuinely loving connection with anyone, including with any of her seven children, even as babies. When it came time for me to mate, I gravitated not to a sociopath, but to a psychopath who slowly escalated physical violence towards me and nearly bludgeoned me to death after 18 years of tortuous marriage. I was emotionally incapable of escaping her manipulations and only survived when I was near death and my primal self-preservation instinct finally kicked in. I dialed 911 and rode to the hospital in the back seat of a sheriff cruiser. The doc told me I had lost over half of my red blood cells to internal hemorrhaging, and that mine was the worst beating he had ever seen not resulting in death.

    My second relationship (not a marriage, thank goodness) lasted 21 years with a woman who became sicker and sicker with chronic fatigue and ended up grossly overmedicated by a licensed MD to the point of severe cognitive impairment and development of acute Borderline Personality Disorder. I was strongly committed to staying with her no matter what. I told her multiple times that there were only two reasons that I would ever leave (abandon) her: 1) if I die; and 2) if a sheriff deputy escorted me off the property with a restraining order.

    Well, Alex, guess what? I am not dead. She became so paranoid she thought I was trying to kill her. With the help of a court appointed guardian, she swore out a false restraining order claiming 11 of the 12 forms of abuse enumerated in the check boxes on the form. I was surprised with a visit by a sheriff deputy and informed I had 20 minutes to collect some essentials and leave the property and never return.

    As you might imagine, Alex, I am not disposed to try for Strike 3. I tell people that my 40 years of RAT Relationship Aversion Therapy was an unmitigated success! I have zero desire to fulfill my otherwise normal heterosexual attractions in person with another female of my species. The last time I had sexual contact with a female was 24 years ago. If I go another 24 more years before “trying again”, that will be fine with me.

    Internet porn works for me, Alex. Why? Because I am entertaining myself . . . all alone . . . and SAFE from ruining my happy solitude with Strike 3. If internet porn fucks my brain up and ruins me for a real relationship, I could not care less. In fact, for me with my history, it is a plus to be ruined for relationship.

    I do not completely rule out another relationship with a female. I will have to be struck stupid in love by someone so amazing that she triggers instant mental illness in my brain . . . but never say never. Could happen.

    I do need to make sure that porn does not interfere with other aspects of my life, like getting work done that’s important to me, engaging in other creative pursuits, etc. I am signed up for your webinar, Alex, because I am sure that I will gain some useful insights from you.

    Thank you for recognizing the non-imaginary harmful effects of our Information Age that now includes unlimited, ubiquitous, and not to mention free, internet porn. Raising our awareness of the harmful effects of digital satisfaction is a worthy endeavor.

    • Alex Allman
      August 29, 2016 at 9:21 am · Reply

      Curby, I’m so sorry you’ve had such a tough run my friend. I am absolutely not suggesting that the only “normal” thing for a man is heterosexual copulation with a female (porn addiction absolutely effects gay men too! and there is no “normal” as far as I’m concerned). And there are certainly situations where someone might CHOOSE the computer over the person. My concern is for the people that don’t realize that the computer is making the decision for them.

  3. William L.Greene
    August 29, 2016 at 4:35 am · Reply

    I have not had sex with my partner for 5 years as I live in Trinidad,TTO and she lives in Miami Florida. I am looking forward to an exciting reunion

  4. John Ngunyi
    October 6, 2017 at 10:55 pm · Reply

    This was eye opener. I confess that porn is addictive and it can really mess one ‘s relationship with God and man kind

  5. Boo
    April 16, 2020 at 4:13 pm · Reply

    Hey Alex, will this program work for a women who has these same addictions to TV watching and playing games on her phone and mindlessly scrolling through Facebook? I was able to fill in these other distractions in each of the above questions and there is a serious addiction there with games movies and Facebook. But didn’t know if the program only worked on men’s brains?

    • Alex Allman
      April 17, 2020 at 2:24 pm · Reply

      Absolutely. This program has underlying concepts that will be extremely effective for any person dealing with any addiction or habit.

      It is focused on porn addiction, and for each of the examples, I’ve used porn as the case study, and additionally, there are specific concerns that I address that are specific to porn over-usage, but I strongly believe that even substance abusers will find much of use in this methodology.

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