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There are 5 "Power Traits" that naturally and automatically activate a woman's sexual desire for her man.

These traits can't be faked, they have to be cultivated.

Doing the exercises and insights in this workshop downloads and installs these 5 traits so the power of attraction is "switched on."

The Power Switch is for both men in relationships who feel like their woman is losing interest (or who want to take the passion to an even higher level), and single men who want to automatically ignite attraction in the women they meet.


Rekindle The Romance And Passion In A Stale or Dying Relationship, and Enjoy Better, More Frequent Sex.

This program cuts through the bullshit that holds men back from having epic, passionate relationships with women.  

If you're in a relationship, and it's lacking the passion you want, this is the solution.  If you're single and you want to set yourself up to have a relationship that lasts (or you don't want to repeat the patterns that killed the desire in your last relationship), this is a great resource for immediately setting yourself apart from other men, and leading a woman into a trustable, playful, and sexually juicy relationship... right from the beginning!


Crush self doubt and habitual patterns that have held you back from the greatness you deserve and that the world needs, and finally step into the full power of your authentic truth as a MAN.

Get automatic respect and admiration from women, from your peers, and from that guy in the mirror.

Earn passion and loyalty in your romantic relationships, and build trust and friendship with other strong men.

Contribute more to your family, friends, and community.

Become comfortable, confident, and at ease with the full depth of your masculine power and your life as a man.


The "Average" Guy's Secret Weapon For "King Size" Sexual Performance And Confidence.

This program is for any man who is insecure about his body, is tired of the bullshit around dick size (or any other fake or trivial measure of what women actually want in a man), and wants to build rock solid confidence in his ability to satisfy any woman as a lover... And finally feel completely confident and worthy in his sexuality and in his body.


Learn how to give virtually any woman powerful, satisfying orgasms... even women who have never had the “Big O” before.

The techniques outlined in this program are simple, and completely different than anything you've seen anywhere else... And even a single, quick read-through of the book is guaranteed to give you the power to give her the most incredible sexual experience of her life.  


Learn How To Become His Ultimate Sexual Obsession...

Drive any man crazy with desire, give him the ultimate experience in a relationship that no other woman has ever come close to giving him (because no other woman ever knew the secret truth), and get him to give you everything you ever desired from a lover...

All without doing anything degrading or having to play the kind of "porn-ified" role that so many women believe is what men want.


Getting what you want in any interaction with another person can be difficult, but when that other person is your lover, it can blow up in your face!

This program is about how to masterfully communicate, in your words and with your body, in a way that the opposite sex immediately understands in their sexual body.

If you just want to be friends, or you want to play it safe, this program is not for you.

If you want to master sexual polarity, create real fire in your relationships, and yet still be able to navigate hard or emotional conversations in a way that funds both more intimacy and more animal attraction at the same time, then the distinctions in the program will be a game changer for you.

the catch

Here's How To Radiate Charisma & Sexual Magnetism...
Even If You've Been Invisible To Attractive Women In The Past.

The simple, step-by-step method for rapidly becoming becoming the man that attractive women want, that has authentic confidence (even when you're around the kind of girl that used to leave you tongue-tied), and get the girlfriend, and the sexual relationship you want.


Get total command over your ejaculation, last as long as you desire (or any woman can handle), and train yourself to experience male multiple orgasms using this proven, step-by-step system.

Even if you have an extreme case of premature ejaculation, this program is guaranteed to quickly and easily work to give you perfect control.


This is my top program for building deep sexual confidence. The 6-part audio guides you through the most important things you need to know to become the best lover she's ever experienced... or even imagined.


This mini-book is for men in loving, long-term relationships ONLY.


Winning The Battle Against Porn & Screen Addictions

The easiest and most effective way to get control over any screen addiction!

If you spend more time watching porn than you are comfortable with and want to crush a major source of procrastination, regain valuable time, improve your relationships and sexual health, or reverse the negative psychological impacts of spending too much time non-productively staring at your computer, this program is going to deliver everything you need to win. 

The insights and exercises outlined in this program are the most effective methods for re-wiring your brain to help eliminate virtually any addiction and built on the best, evidence-based science available.

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