Quick Sex Tips: 

“Sex Positions”

By Alex Allman

An article on sex positions with no diagrams?!

That's right.

Diagrams and illustrations are fun, but in this case they are only going to distract you from what is most important in finding sex positions that are fun, intimate, hot, or effective for female orgasm.

The best intercourse positions are small variations on the sex positions that are you already familiar with... they are simple to describe, don't require 10 years of yoga to twist yourself into... and they are not judged by how weird or acrobatic they are, but by how much sexual pleasure you can get from them.

I go into more specific sex positions for specific needs in my book, but this is really ALL you need to know about sex positions to drive your partner wild and to have the best love making experience yourself.

I was thumbing through one of those books with a 1001 sex positions... you need a lot of imagination to come with that many ways to make intercourse possible (though I'm not sure that all of the sex positions presented were actually possible).

In any case, all of those sex positions could be broken into 3 groups...

-Sex positions that are impossible, unlikely, or just plain ridiculous

-Sex positions that are uncomfortable or not any good for sexual pleasure

-Sex positions that are really just small variations of what you are already doing.

So, for example, if you are in the "missionary" intercourse position (man on top) and her feet are on the bed, knees bent, or her feet are in the air, or her ankles are crossed behind your back... you'll probably say, "we were in 1 sex position the whole time".  But most of these guides will call that 3 sex positions and give each a creative name. I guess a book called "8 Sex Positions" wouldn't sell as well as 1001.

Great.  Here's a quick review of the best sex positions...

Sex Positions With Girl On Top...

These are great love making positions for kissing, for the man to get a great view of his partners face and breasts... and best of all, have both hands free for touching her.

These are also great sex positions for women who like to have more control over things like depth and rhythm.

The basic position, man on his back, woman straddling with her knees on either side of his body is great... but for some women, the knees start to hurt after  a few minutes, so you might not be able to keep it up for long.

Doing it on an armless chair (or piano bench) allows her to put her feet on the floor, and some women love the control they can have in this position... if the chair has arms or is too wide, this isn't going to work.  Weight benches are also amazing for this.

If a woman has good flexibility and very healthy knees, another nice variation is for her to bring her knees up and place her feet on the bed on either side of her partner. This is not recommended for those who have any knee issues, but it is a very deep position and can be very exciting for some couples.

An interesting variation of the girl-on-top love making position is yab yum.  Yab yum is a sacred sex position in tantra.  It works like this...

The man sits on the bed with his legs in a V-shape.  The woman sits on top with her legs in a V-shape.  From there you can improvise, but, for the traditional yab yum in tantra, the man brings his feet together and then "butterflies" his knees up and down to create the motion.  WARNING: Requires a lot of groin flexibility in the man.

Okay, here comes the big twist...

ALL of these sex positions are possible (and great), with the woman turned in the opposite direction, so that  her back is facing the man.

Sex Positions With Girl On Her Back...

These are generally the most common sex positions, and are all variations of "missionary" position.  What's great about them (aside from face-to-face intimacy), is that with only small variations, these love making positions allow the couple to exactly control a lot of variables like pressure on the clitoris and depth of penetration.

In these sex positions, the position of the woman's legs is the main factor... and then I'll give you 3 variations for the man that are popular and well worth exploring...

At one extreme, the woman's legs can be flat down on the bed.  If the man puts his legs to the outside of hers, and scoots up a bit on her body, it creates a downward angle of penetration (some women dig it, some women don't), and a lot of pressure on the clitoris (most women DIG it)... and it creates a tight fit for the man (men dig it, but it might make it harder for him to delay ejaculation).

At the other extreme of this sex position, the woman's legs are all the way back and resting on the man's  shoulders.  This creates very deep penetration which can either be great or painful depending upon the couple.  And lifting her hips in this intercourse position can point the penis at the g spot.

Okay, here's the 3 male variations (though, with some imagination, you can see there are many more possibilities for these sex positions...

The man brings his legs underneath him and sits back on his heels and then lifts the woman's hips up a bit onto his knees.  Now all of the female leg positions are possible creating a variety of girl-on-her-back sex positions...

All of these intercourse position variations have this in common... the penetration is less deep, the penis can be angled upwards to the g spot, and the man's hands are free to caress or hold or touch in a variety of ways, the clitoris is exposed (which, combined with those free hands, allows some great possibilities for women who can only orgasm with clitoris stimulation, but want to have an orgasm during love making).

In the second variation, the man is standing at the edge of the bed and the woman is on her back, with her bottom right at the end of the bed...

This is just like the sex positions above in terms of the possibilities it opens up... PLUS... it requires a lot less flexibility (great for older couples), and, if you are going for  an intercourse marathon or speed record, it allows a lot of air circulation to keep you cool!

This is also a great sex position for men who are trying to learn to last longer in bed, because he is grounded on his feet.

The third variation is a specialized sex position for clitoral stimulation to help couples who have difficulty reaching female orgasm with normal intercourse positions.

This intercourse position is called CAT, which stands for "Coital Alignment Technique", and it works like this:

The woman is on her back, the man on top like regular missionary sex positions.  Then he scoots up on her body by about 6 inches so that he is thrusting on a downward angle, with the top of his penis contacting the clitoris.  He relaxes his upper body down across her chest, and she wraps her legs around his thighs.

From here, the woman crosses her ankles and lowers them around his knees or shins, and then she does a rocking motion with her hips to control the motion. 

This allows her to control the  speed and pressure that she enjoys against her clitoris.  Once she finds the right rhythm, the man can join in with some thrusting so that he's controlling the depth for his pleasure, and she's controlling the speed and the pressure against the clitoris.

Not every couple loves this sex position, but some couples swear by it and it is the only intercourse position that works for  them as a female orgasm technique.

Girl On Her Belly Sex Positions (Doggy) 

All of the sex positions with the man on top, and the woman facing down are variations on what is sometimes called "doggy position".

Unfortunately, some women find this name a bit crude or insulting,  and it prevents them from enjoying a love making position that some other women report as their favorite.

As with the woman on her back, a lot of the variations of these sex positions have to do with the position of the woman's legs...

From laying flat on her belly with the man straddling her legs and penetrating on a downward angle,  all the way to having her knees up underneath her armpits and her face on the bed, ass in the air, so that the penetration is as deep as it can be.  

The most common is to just have the woman on her hands and knees, the man kneeling behind her, but experimenting with all of these angles and love making positions is great fun.  This is also one of the easiest positions for a man to thrust, so it's also great for long sessions.

If the man leans forward onto one hand in these sex positions, it also frees up his alternate hand to caress her breasts or stimulate the clitoris.   

For longer and more elaborate instructions on finding your parrtner's g spot, or learning to help her awaken it so that she can finally experience the g spot orgasm, click below.

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