Quick Sex Tips: 

“Finding The G Spot”

By Alex Allman

Before you can try out any g spot orgasm techniques, obviously, you are going to need to know the location of the g spot...

There are dozens (okay probably thousands with the internet) of articles about finding the g spot... and the truth is, it's extremely easy to find the g spot... if...  you happen to be dating a woman who has ALREADY had a g-spot orgasm.

But if you are having any trouble following the simple g spot stimulation method that everyone talks about (the "come here" motion with your finger along the top  wall of her vagina), then you know that for some women, the g spot can be more of a challenge to find!

So, here's the simple part... the g spot is located on the top wall of her vagina (towards her belly), and about 1 to 3 inches inside.

If you press along the top of her vagina, so that you are pushing against her pubic bone, you will feel it as a spongy piece of flesh, or like a swollen, almond-sized mound inside of her body between the vagina and the pubic bone, you are feeling the g spot (that swelling is the intra-urethral glands that cause "female ejaculation" or "squirting orgasms").

Here's a diagram for you from wikipedia showing the location of the g spot:


...but, I swear, one of these days I'm going to have to make my own drawing!  I think these diagrams actually make things more confusing.

Okay, you ought to know that many scientists, researchers, and gynocologists will  tell you that there is no such thing as the g spot because there is no anatomical proof of it, and because in studies, more than half of the women could not distinguish a pleasurable area where the g spot is supposed to be.

That said, women who DO experience g spot orgasms will tell you are crazy if you say that it doesn't exist.

Here is, for me, the big factor... women who don't get pleasure from  stimulating g spot can almost always LEARN to experience g spot orgasms.

It seems that in some women the g spot sensitivity is "latent" or "hidden" until the right partner can unlock the experience for them.

So if you are having trouble finding your partner's g spot, it may not be because you are having trouble with the location of the g spot, but because it has not yet been "awakened".

For longer and more elaborate instructions on finding your parrtner's g spot, or learning to help her awaken it so that she can finally experience the g spot orgasm, click below.

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