Last until she begs you for mercy…

Before learning to completely control her body during sex, you first need to learn to completely control your OWN body. While most men spend hours learning to control various athletic coordination in their body (everything from learning to snow-board to learning how to type requires a LOT of practice-and usally expert instruction-to master), yet most men spend almost no time learning to control their orgasm and ejaculation.

Like any other physical skill, controlling your ejaculation can be learned.

  • Learn to withhold ejaculation at will, even during intense excitement
  • Train yourself to have multiple orgasms during a single night without losing your erection in between
  • Have orgasms that are far more powerful and last longer than any you have experienced in the past
  • Enjoy harder and more durable erections
  • Control your ejaculation even when she wants you to go fast and for a long time before she can reach orgasm…

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