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Sexual Attraction...
And Transform Yourself Into The Sexually POWERFUL And
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FINALLY… A Complete, ‘Fast-Track’ Audio Course That Will Teach You Both The Concepts And The Step-By-Step Tips, Tricks, and Techniques To Reach Sexual Mastery, Overcome Any Frustrations Or Anxieties That Have Held You Back In the Past, And Give You Incredible And Nearly Instant Success In The Bedroom… PLUS Get Her Positively ADDICTED TO YOU And Only You.

Dear Friend,

     As you probably already know, women are a LOT more sophisticated about sex and what they want out of it than they used to be...

      Once upon a time, not so very long ago, before “Sex In The City” and the Internet, women didn't really know that much about what they could expect from a man in the bedroom...  Most women only had a handful of sex partners (that's IF they had more than one), and pornography was dad's “Playboy” collection in the closet.

     Sure, women always TALKED... but they didn't compare the kind of details that they do today.   

     Who knew back then that sex was supposed to last more than 5 minutes?  Who knew that women are entitled to have orgasms?  Who knew that “nice” people could have “wild” sex?

     But now every women's magazine talks about “the Big 'O” on EVERY cover, women openly talk about how long their boyfriend or husband goes down on them and how long he can stay hard and what “tricks” he used, “nice” girls own vibrators, and women are very well informed about the “great sex” that's supposed to be out there for them...

     And they want it.

     This really raises the standards for men. 

     And that would be fine... if it was just a matter of women expecting men to try a little harder to please them-- but there's ANOTHER problem...

     If women were willing to accept less than what they deserved back in the old days... now, with movies, popular culture, and the magazines talking about it so much... marketing it, exaggerating it, and making it juicy enough to sell magazines with all of those big, glossy headlines... the result is that today... women have expectations that can be unrealistically high... 

     Can an ordinary man ever hope to live up to the image that women now have of the ideal lover...

     ...the one that they read about, hear about, and fantasize about? 


     And if you read on, I will explain how you can not only “live up to” that image... you can even completely SHATTER her wildest expectations of what is possible in the bedroom and give her pleasure that she never even imagined

 The 4 Levels Of “Sexual Mastery” 

     Sex, like anything else, is something you can LEARN to be good at.  But unlike other things that you set your mind to gaining skill in, sex is something that is very PRIVATE, and something that guys have a lot of difficult emotional issues with.

      It's not easy to even admit that we want to learn to be better... it's not easy to figure out where we could go to learn that won't make us feel weird or creepy... in fact, it's not even easy to know whether or not we are any good in the first place...

     Are YOU great in bed?

     What even makes a man great in bed in the first place?  

     Stamina?  Size?  Techniques?  Romance?  Passion?  Being physically attractive?

     And if you don't already have those things... can you really change them?

     How can you realistically know if you are great, good, fair, or poor in the bedroom?

      This may help you figure it out--

      There are 4 levels of Sexual Mastery, and by reading through them, you should be able to quickly figure out where you are right now.

 Level One:  You have difficulty controlling your own body.  Frequently you can't get an erection when you want to, or, when you do get an erection, you often can't last for more than a minute... or even a few seconds.

You're not even worried yet about giving her a great experience-- you just don't want her to laugh at you.  You are far more concerned about avoiding the possibility of humiliation than you are about enjoying the sex.

You are more caught up in the things going on inside your own head than the things happening between you and the woman that you are with.  

A guy at this level is completely missing out on the intimacy or the complex interaction that is happening with the woman.  He just wants to do things RIGHT and not mess things up.

He has no Sexual Confidence at all.

Level Two:   You usually can control your body fairly well. Sure, sometimes it sneaks up on you and you get too excited and it's all over before you want it to be... and sure, sometimes you get nervous and it takes a long time to get hard... but you're a pretty normal guy in that department.

You sometimes feel some self-doubt about sex and your masculinity, but for the most part, you are fairly comfortable in the bedroom.  

You have some worry that you might not be as great as the next guy.  You are very concerned about what is going on inside HER head... rather than the things that are happening between you.

A guy at this level is missing out on most of the intimacy and passion that makes sex great because he's so busy trying to make her have an orgasm-- or wondering whether or not she has already had an orgasm... or whether or not she's enjoying it.

He wants to be good-- he's just not really sure yet whether he is.  He enjoys sex, but he's not completely “in the moment” because he still has some anxiety about his ability to please his lover.

Level Three:   You have good control over your body.  You get hard when you want, you can usually last as long as you want, and you can come when you want.

You also have good control over HER body.  You understand female anatomy, where here “pleasure spots” are, and you've been with enough women to know that some things usually “work”.   

You know you're good, and women tell you so often.  

A man at this level has ACCESS to real intimacy during love-making because he can make his partner orgasm fairly easily and he is focused on the pleasure and the fun of having sex. 

He may... or may not... create true intimacy with his partner-- he may not have those feelings for her, or he may not be emotionally mature enough to deal with that power.   

Likewise, he may... or may not...  be passionate-- many men lack the courage and confidence to surrender themselves to passion even if they have high levels of sexual skill. 

Some men at this level (though certainly not all) are very sexually selfish, and because they KNOW that they can please their partner, they are very focused on their own pleasure and fulfilling their own sexual fantasies in the process.   This type of man tends to be very promiscuous. 

A man at this level has a lot of Sexual Confidence.  He knows he's good in bed.  He has the skill to make just about any woman have an orgasm, and he knows that many of the women he has been with have had the best sexual experience of their life in his arms.

Level Four:  You have uncommon control over your body and you are capable of things like non-ejaculatory orgasm and prolonging and intensifying your own orgasms far beyond what you used to experience as “normal” sexual pleasure.

You have a deep understanding and sensitivity to a woman's body.  You are intuitive to her pleasure and her needs and you can give her multiple orgasms until she is completely worn out from coming... you can take control of her sexual response and show her horizons of sexual pleasure that she wasn't even aware her body was capable of.

A man does not reach this level without understanding how to create and inhabit TOTAL INTIMACY with the woman he is with.  He is completely PRESENT and “in the moment” during love-making and his focus is entirely in the interplay between the lovers, rather than on either of them as individuals.

He has so much Sexual Confidence that he is uninhibited about showing the full POWER of his passion.   

A man at this level of mastery has no need for “validation” in the bedroom, so he is rarely searching for more “conquests” to prove himself. Often he is more preoccupied with the spiritual nature of love-making and uses sex as an expression of self-growth and deep intimate communication with his partner.

Why It's Almost Impossible For
Most Men To Ever Improve
Their Performance

     So which of these levels sounds like YOU?

     The vast majority of men -- more than 9 out of 10 of them -- are stuck at Level 1 or Level 2.  They will never improve beyond that point.   

     In other words, they will live their entire lives without ever experiencing the full intensity that sexual relationships can achieve.

     By the way, there's no need to get too hung up on the “levels”-- I just made these categories up to make a point... I could have just as easily made this into 8 levels by getting much more specific.... or only 2 levels:

     Men WITH Sexual Confidence (Level 3 and 4), and men WITHOUT it (Level 1 and 2).

     Here's why:

      I have observed that men at Level 1 can usually mature or grow into Level 2 just through normal maturing and life experience.  And likewise, some men at Level 3 can mature or grow into Level 4 with emotional maturity and the right partner to grow and experiment with.

      But for some reason very few men EVER manage to make the jump from the land of 1-2, to the expertise and confidence of 3-4.

      Let's be clear... nobody is BORN as a sexually confident, Level 4 lover.  And there are quite a few men out there at Level 2 who do a lot of bragging because they can last a while in the sack and their girlfriend enjoys herself, and so they deceive themselves into thinking they are GREAT without having any idea how much more there is to experience.

     That's a shame, really, because they are closing themselves off to the things that you, by being here... by being willing to grow and learn without feeling afraid or threatened that there MIGHT be something more out there to learn... have the ability to experience.

      Because any man can reach the highest level of sexual mastery if he is open to new ideas, open to learning a few things, and open to trying and practicing what he has learned.

      Sadly, most men are closed off to anything remotely like that... they are incredibly threatened by even the IDEA that they could still learn something new about sex.  

     And if their wife or girlfriend drops even a subtle hint that she wants something more, they quickly become downright hostile. (I have a hundred emails from women complaining about this fact). 

 Our Dirty Little Secret About Sex
      Most men are afraid of sex.
     When I say that in a group of guys, I meet a lot of disagreement.  Guys always say, “Not me!  I'm not afraid of sex!”  Usually they laugh uncomfortably after they say that.  Some guys even get angry at me.
      But that kind of denial actually just proves the point, doesn't it?
     As men, we always laugh at the things that we are afraid of... at least when we are around other men.  That's how we hide our humiliation about being afraid.
      Have you ever been around a group of young soldiers in an airport before a deployment into a hostile area? 
     There's a lot of joking and bragging around the subject of killing and death.  Of course, killing and death are not subjects that most people joke about too much.  So why will a platoon of young soldiers laugh about it so much?
     It's called “false bravado.”  It's the way they keep their spirits up.  It's the natural response to controlling their fear.  They are soldiers, after all.  They can't just start crying about it... or run away.  They must face their fear.  And they do it by laughing and bragging about the thing that is making them feel so anxious.
      Now ask yourself why any time a group of men is talking about sex they are making a long string of jokes or bragging...
     Are you starting to see my point?
     I almost never have a conversation with other men about sex when they don't start cracking stupid jokes like boys in junior high school... or bragging about this or that girl that they “banged” or how big her tits were, or some other comment equally filled with “false bravado”.
      Because deep down inside, even though we never admit it to each other, most men are filled with anxiety when they think about sex-- and especially when they think about their own sexual performance.
The Simple Trick That Will Change Your Success With Women Instantly... If You Understand It
     Unfortunately, this fear of sex is exactly the opposite of what you need to gain Sexual Mastery.
     The single most important thing that a man needs to become a great lover is Sexual Confidence.
     Here's why:
     There is a very simple principle that can basically transform any man from an ordinary, insecure lover, into the kind of man that is capable of giving any woman the most incredible sexual experience of her life. 
    Not every guy will “get” this, or understand how to use it-- if you don't see it right away, don't worry, it's no judgment on you... it's just the way we've been raised in our society.
     So even though this principle is “simple” and it can create virtually instant results, it can be challenging to make the switch in your head.
     It's called “Sexual Trust”, and if you can learn how to create it with the woman that you are with, there is no limit to the amount of pleasure that you both can share.
     Sexual Trust is completely different from sexual fidelity or relationship trust.  It is not about being nice, understanding, honest, or fair...
     Imagine for a minute that you are told that you must have a dangerous operation to remove a tumor from your brain.  Would you feel more trust for a surgeon who was nice, understanding, honest, and fair...?  
      Would you even care about those things?
     NO!  All you care about is getting a surgeon who is ABSOLUTELY CONFIDENT that he can perform the operation successfully!
      Sexual Trust works the same way. 
     For a woman to experience incredibly intense orgasms, simply touching her in the right place has almost nothing to do with it...  Any groping adolescent might get that part right...
     That's why most of those books, guides, and magazine articles about “secret sex techniques” are basically less than useless. 
     The real trick to Sexual Master is that a woman must be able to completely surrender herself to a man in a profound way. 
     And you better believe that it is very scary for her to totally surrender control in front of another person (or even by herself).  And it is an extremely emotionally vulnerable experience.
      For her to do it, you must create an atmosphere of total Sexual Trust.  
      Unfortunately, being her best friend, someone she is totally comfortable with, or even her husband does virtually NOTHING to create Sexual Trust... in the same way a woman may trust a PILOT she doesn't know over her husband that she loves when it comes to landing a plane.   
     Sexual Trust can only be won through YOUR total Sexual Confidence.
     When she feels that level of Sexual Confidence you can effortlessly lead her body into levels of sexual bliss that she very likely has never even imagined before.
Three Simple Steps To
Brain-Melting Orgasms
      So what does all this mean?  How can you USE the simple principle of Sexual Trust to actually start giving your woman brain-melting orgasms?
      I've broken it down to 3 simple steps that you can use right now to dramatically improve your sexual skills. 
     I call it “The ABC's Of Great Sex” and it breaks down like this:
      Anatomy - Her anatomy... where her “special spots” are located.
      Body Control - Your body... gaining mastery over your erection and desire
      Connection - between both of you... understanding the language of sexual communication and intimacy.
      When you have all three of these things, it causes her to feel MASSIVE Sexual Trust.  
      When you are missing any one of the three, it destroys Sexual Trust, and even if you do everything else right, there is no way to unlock her most powerful ecstatic sexual states.
1.  Her Anatomy
     At a minimum, you need to be able to find her clitoris, her “G-spot”, and her cervix without being unsure or groping around.
      Most guys can already do this, and pretty much every book written about sex seems to think this is the beginning and end of the story.  Everything in them is all about positions and techniques for finding her G-spot, touching her G-spot, getting deeper into her G-spot, etc., etc., etc....
     And if you've tried these techniques you already know that they work fine on women that are ALREADY very orgasmic and comfortable with their sexuality, and they do nothing at all for women who have difficulty having orgasm or are uncomfortable with sex.
      You also probably know that every other guy she's been with has done exactly the same thing. 
     Which is fine.   
     But it's a long way from Sexual Mastery.
      In fact there are HUNDREDS of places on a woman that can give her profound sexual pleasure, and it's very important to know how to find them.
     It took me a long time to discover this fact-- and the first time I discovered that a woman could have an Earth Shaking orgasm from touching her in one of these spots that wasn't anywhere near her vagina, I was BLOWN AWAY.
      But the fact remains, as CRITICAL as knowing where this stuff is may be... it's less than useless if you don't have the “B” and “C” parts...
2.  Body Control 
     Every man alive has experienced problems in this area at one time or another in his life.  And anyone who tells you otherwise is being less than truthful.
     What amazes me is... how many guys have never made the effort to get this area of their lives handled once and for all. 
      The simple fact is, your erection is part of YOUR body.  And that means that YOU CAN learn to control it.
     Learning the  “B” in the “ABC's Of Great Sex” means being able to get hard when and where you want to, being able to stay hard as long as you want to, and controlling your ejaculation so that you can hold off when you want and come when you want.  Period.
     The most common challenge that men seem to face, especially in relationships, is controlling their ejaculation.
      There are many techniques that can work-- different techniques work better for different guys.  Some are very simple, and some take time and practice before they work well...
     The simplest technique that I teach that most men seem to have almost immediate success with is “Triangular Breathing.”  
     When you feel like you are losing control and getting too excited, you just use this simple breathing technique:
      Breath slowly in for a slow 5-count, then hold the breath at the top for the same slow 5-count, then slowly exhale for a 5-count.  And just keep repeating this simple breathing pattern for as long as you need to.
     This will usually relax your body's sexual response and allow you reduce your level of sexual excitement to a point where you have control again.
     If you have issues with your “control” this is one simple way to get a lot more control right now.  But whatever method you use, if this is something that is challenging for you, it's time to get it FIXED.
      Because the “A” and the “B” must be handled before you can even think about the next level...
 3.  Creating The Sexual Connection With Her
     Have you ever been standing in line at a grocery store and you saw one of these headlines on “Cosmo” or one of the other women's magazines that said something like: “7 Great Ways To Drive Your Man Crazy In Bed”... and out of curiosity or boredom... you flipped it open to read it?
     You probably have.  And you probably laughed your head off at what you read inside.
      Number 1 was probably something like, “learn to speak his sexual language”, and number 2 might have been something like, “drive him wild with unexpected intimacy”, and on and on like that...
     And you think, “who wrote this crap?  This wouldn't work on me!”
     I've got news for you my friend... a WOMAN wrote that crap, and she wrote it in a language that other WOMEN understand.   She was writing what women want to hear, what their own secret desires are, what is HOT for women to read about.
    And it is NOT crap to them. 
     Making a woman feel “Connection” is very, very real and powerful thing. 
     A guy recently asked me if Connection was something that he could create the very first time he had sex with a woman...
      He had been dating a particular girl for a while and he had very strong feelings for her, and they were about to make love for the first time -- so it was very important to him that he make a great impression on her.
     The answer is absolutely YES.
     Obviously Connection is something that grows dramatically and powerfully over time, and deep levels of intimacy don't happen over night...
     But creating Sexual Connection with a woman is about being open and authentic with her and with your self, and understanding the language of “Sexual Communication.”  And so even if you've been married to a woman for 30 years, you still might not have ever created this Connection. 
     Needless to say, Connection is impossible if you haven't mastered the “A” and “B” of great sex first...
     Not because you need physical technique to have emotional connection, but because of this:
      If your mind is preoccupied with finding the right place on her body, wondering whether or not you are doing it right, wondering if she likes the way you are touching her... or if your mind is preoccupied with whether or not you will get hard enough or last long enough... there is just no way that you will have enough “space” left in your head to focus on Sexual Communication and Connection.
     And this is where most guys fail.
     Sex for the vast majority of guys... for the vast majority of couples... is something that they do “together but separately”.  He is involved with his thoughts, fears, and desires... she is involved with her thought, fears, and desires...
     They are both “in their own heads” and they are not truly “Connecting”.
     Of course both of them can have a lot of sexual pleasure this way.  Both of them can really enjoy the sex.  Both of them can have orgasms.  
      But they are not experiencing even a small percentage of the sexual pleasure that is possible with Connection... 
     And for a woman who has difficulty reaching orgasm or is “pre-orgasmic” (has not yet ever experienced an orgasm), the whole thing will probably just be frustrating.
Sexual Mastery: 
Putting It All Together 
     When you've got the ABC's covered, your Sexual Confidence becomes something that women can feel in your presence-- especially in romantic situations.  And it flips a switch inside of her.
      That's why giving a woman the most incredible sexual experience of her entire life is so much more than just the things that you DO...
     It's about the things you KNOW.
     Now let me ask you a couple of questions...
      What if you knew exactly how, when, and where to touch a woman to bring her to levels of sexual pleasure that she didn't even know was possible?  What if you knew that the woman in your life -- whether she be your wife, your girlfriend, or the woman you are dating -- had never had an experience even CLOSE to what she experienced every night in the bedroom with YOU?  
     What if you knew, with absolute confidence, that you could completely control her body and that together you could experience levels of intimacy, pleasure, and frankly other-worldly ecstasy any time you chose. 
     How would that change your life, your relationships... and your confidence in every other area of your life? 
     Up until now there was just simply no place where you could learn this sort of thing.  
     There are all of those nuts and bolts guides that deal with the “physical” aspects of sex, and there are these “out there” cult-like gurus teaching spiritual tantra stuff that seems to have no relation to anything that you (or most women you'll ever meet) think of as HOT or sexy...
     Well, if you are  ready to reach the highest levels of Sexual Mastery yourself and to start enjoying the full potential of  your sexuality... if you are ready to give yourself and your partner the most intense sexual experiences that you have ever imagined, then what I'm about to tell you can get you there FAST.

      I've spent the last several months putting together a home-study course that is arguable the single best resource on this subject ever put together, and recorded the entire thing in over 6-hours-worth of high-quality audio that you can download immediately to your computer and listen to in the privacy of your own home or car.
     I call this program “Sexual Mastery”.
     In this program I will personally teach you the most powerful techniques, exercises, and information that I have accumulated over years of research gathered from around the world.
     In it is EVERYTHING that you will ever need to know to quickly and permanently turn yourself into the man that can completely BLOW HER AWAY in the bedroom.
      Here's some of what you're going to learn:
The Most Important Sexual Principles That You MUST Know
     The first program of this audio course covers essential information that you absolutely must know if you ever want to master this subject...
     So much of the so called “information” out there is just pure B.S. and  before you can move on to the advanced material, you have to have a solid foundation to build on.
      That's why I completely and thoroughly cover “The ABC's Of Great Sex”.  I want to make sure that you have EVERYTHING you need to fully take advantage of every aspect of this program.  
     I go into full detail on...
  • Exactly how to find her clitoris-- and the common mistake that almost all guys make... even guys who are certain that they know exactly what they are doing

  • Why some women say that it's “uncomfortable” when you touch their “G-spot” and how to completely overcome that problem and show her exactly what all the hype is about... after that she'll credit you forever for knowing more about her body than SHE does

  • How to “activate” the G-spot on women who tell you that other guys have tried to find it, but that she doesn't have one... once again: she'll credit you for knowing more about her body than SHE does

  • 3  reasons why it's absolutely critical to know exactly where her cervix is and how to give her the deep, intense cervical orgasms that are so  incredibly emotionally bonding
  •  How to penetrate her deeply without the risk of hurting her -- it's all about understanding how her anatomy works so that you can always be entering her on the right angle for maximum pleasure... NOT discomfort

  • A complete MAP OF THE EROGENOUS ZONES OF HER BODY - and how to find the special points on her body that can unlock incredible sexual pleasure... that she is probably completely unaware of

  • Exactly how to stimulate the most common erotic points on her body to drive her completely wild, including... the breasts and nipples, the neck, the anus, the feet, behind the knee, and much, MUCH more
Controlling YOUR Body:
  •  The simple, scientific reason that  absolutely ANY man can learn TOTAL CONTROL over his erection... regardless of (non-medical) problems he's had in the past

  • Why controlling your body is so critical to HER EMOTIONAL STATE... it's NOT just a matter of lasting longer

  • How to “train your mind” to control your body

  • A simple, physical exercise that you can use to not only make your erection harder, stronger, and last longer... but also help to train you to “hold back” from ejaculating to soon

  • You probably already know that your ego can suffer if you don't have control over your erection... but it's even more powerful in reverse... Learn how to “fix” your ego issues that you don't realize are preventing you from controlling your erection

  • A simple principle from the science of Neuro-Linguistic Programming that can give you exactly the tools you need to overcome pre-mature ejaculation FOREVER
Creating Connection:
  •  Become a MASTER OF SEXUAL COMMUNICATION... learn why it's a completely different language and how to communicate with her on deeper levels using your BODY

  • The link between  “romance” and “emotions” and how to trigger powerful sexual desire

  • Understand the language she is speaking: Women are sending you sexual messages all the time... but most men are totally unaware of it and never learn how to pick up on these subtle but important communications

  • Learn how to use the POWER of “Connection” to naturally and easily seduce her in exactly the way she WANTS to be seduced

  • Why learning the techniques of SEDUCTION... the stuff you do BEFORE you get to the bedroom... can make her think you are the world's greatest lover even if you do exactly the same thing in bed that you've always done before.  (Yes, it's THAT important and it can affect the way you make her feel with every touch that follows)

  • What key element virtually EVERY MARRIED GUY neglects when seducing his wife that leads to “bed death” and her  slowly (but completely) losing interest in sex with her husband

  • FOREPLAY-- Why most men think they know what it is... but actually have NO IDEA how to do it right

  • How to make her feel INCREDIBLY SEXY whenever she is around YOU

  • The Basic 3-Step Orgasm - My should-be-patented step-by-step process for making it EASY to give almost any woman an orgasm EVERY TIME
 Sexual Confidence
      There is no way to over-state the critical importance of building Sexual Confidence to becoming a world-class lover. 
     While most of this audio program is devoted to HER body and HER pleasure, the entire second class is devoted entirely to YOU and how to transform yourself into the kind of powerful, comfortably masculine, sexually confident man that she dreams about
     This was the most challenging part of my own development, and I think it's something that almost EVERY man grapples with in modern society because we no longer have the kind of clear “coming of age” rituals that primitive societies used to TRAIN their adolescent boys for the emotional and spiritual, and, yes, sexual duties of manhood.
     This is why so many “men” behave like little boys when it comes to sex... and why women constantly complain that there are no men that are emotionally mature in their sexuality... it's also one of the principle reasons why so many marriages fail in our society.
     This has a HUGE effect on a man's ability to perform in the bedroom... and even BIGGER effect on how sexually turned-on a woman becomes for the man that she is with.
      That's why it is so critical that, even if you consider yourself a confident guy in every other area of your life, you must learn these things...
  • Coming into mature alignment with your “masculine identity” - becoming the strong and confident man that you are supposed to be

  • How to completely CHEAT-PROOF your relationship - become the only man that she is interested in EVER being with... both in her life and in her fantasies

  • How to become dramatically more sexually attractive to all women

  • Release sexual anxiety and fear of embarrassment once and for all

  • Why many men are secretly uncomfortable with being masculine, and how to become one of the very few men that embrace masculine characteristics with complete ease and comfort (this is another characteristic that will separate you from other men and drive your woman wild)

  • Your Sexual Blueprint: How your parents, childhood friends, and early socialization shaped your sexual identity... and how to take back control
Plus, you'll learn how to deal with the “Big Three” most common issues that men have with their own sexual performance...
  • I answer the age-old question once and for all: “Does size really matter?”  The answer will probably surprise you, but I will give you only the straight-up information

  • What size is “normal” and how do YOU measure up?

  • The final truth about those pills they sell on the Internet... which ones are totally BOGUS... and which ones, if any, have any real effect

  • The facts on “jelqing” and other exercises that claim to increase the size of your penis

  • The one factor in sex that is most  affected by your size... and how to completely negate this problem if it applies to you

  • A fool-proof, works-every-time way that you can become the best lover she's ever been with REGARDLESS of your size (if  size is something that you've worried about in the past, this one tip alone will make the entire program pay for itself 10 times over)

  • Forget what the 'average ' is... what do WOMEN think is the perfect size?
Performance Anxiety:
  •  A thorough examination of both the physical and mental causes of performance anxiety and exact steps for completely overcoming the problem once and for all

  • Finally...  a realistic look at how confidence affects performance and erection issues, and, more importantly, the only technique you will ever need to get a handle on this issue.  You will have total confidence once you mast this one technique.

  • Exercises that work to physically give you more control of exactly when and where you get an erection

  • How to deal with occasional erection problems within an ongoing relationship-- how to talk about it with her in a way that completely eliminates the anxieties that cause most of the problems in the first place

  • Pills from your doctor:  When the work, when they don't, and why you probably shouldn't rely on them... plus, the exact tips and techniques you need to break the habit if you are already relying on them in your sex life.

  • How to break the nervousness and anxiety that cause the “cycle” of performance issues
  •  How long is “long enough”?  ...PLUS... The secret truth about how porn stars seem to go on and on for hours from an actual director of “adult films”

  • The physical aspects of lasting longer in bed - how to train yourself for control

  • The psychological aspects - why the same anxieties that can cause erection difficulty can also cause premature ejaculation, and exactly how YOU can destroy this problem so that it is never an issue for you again

  • The “mind control” trick that lets you EXACTLY control your level of excitement so that  you can ejaculate exactly when you want to, and never before

  • How to use “somatic feedback” to control your erection and ejaculation-- this one take a bit of practice, but once you master it,  you will be able to control your ejaculation as easily as you lift your arm or walk across the room (you'll be able to go long enough to make her beg for mercy)

  • Tantric and yoga breathing exercises that let you not only control your ejaculation, but let you do it while maintaining maximum sexual arousal-- you can literally be “right on the edge” for hours for mind-blowing pleasure
  • How to use your Sexual Confidence to become more successful in every other area of your life - the biological and evolutionary reasons that sexually confident men are more successful in business

  • Undoing the damage that society has done to   your “male ego.”  How to move through life as with unapologetic masculine confidence

  • Understand exactly why women are attracted to “passion” and learn the secret cues that women pick up on that tell them that you are a passionate lover

  • How to completely silence the chattering “inner dialogue” in your head that can unnecessarily fill your mind with useless and irrational insecurities that have been holding you back

  • Learn how to completely “trust yourself” in the bedroom - find out EXACTLY how to please her by doing the things that please YOU
Sexual Communication
     Sexual Communication is entirely DIFFERENT LANGUAGE from our regular, day-to-day communications.  And for evolutionary reasons, women understand this language much better than we do.
     Most men who spend a lot of time wishing they knew what to do to turn a woman on, seduce her, or what she wants them to do to please them in bed are shocked to discover that she's been telling them all along!
     They've just been completely missing the signals because they don't understand this language of Sexual Communication.  
      Worse, because they don't know what's going on, many men are sending the WRONG messages... without even realizing that they are doing it.
     That's why I've included all of the important information you NEED about Sexual Communication in my home-study Sexual Mastery Course.
      You'll learn... 
  • A simple PROOF that you can use to demonstrate to yourself, beyond any doubt, that Sexual Communication really is a different language... and really does work when you know how to use it

  • How to discover your own “sexual identity”.  Most men resist this part of themselves, which is why most of their sexual encounters never have the depth, intimacy, and authenticity that women crave

  • How to use your knowledge of your “sexual identity” to build Sexual Confidence

  • BODY LANGUAGE - How to use this nearly magical language to get her turned on fast, and subconsciously communicate to her that YOU are the man she belongs with

  • How to use EYE CONTACT to build incredible levels of intimacy and Sexual Trust BEFORE you make love so that she will orgasm much more quickly and easily, and far more powerfully

  • How to use TOUCH to communicate - learning this technique will allow you to completely blow her mind with desire

  • Simple tricks and techniques for touching a woman that allow you to control her sexual response

  • The best way to talk in the bedroom - how to use your words to get her turned on... know exactly what to say without having to be a “poet” or a “romantic”

  • Things you should NEVER say in the bedroom

  • The best way to use “dirty talk” in the bedroom - when it's okay, when it's not, and why so many women get turned on by this kind of taboo talk that would have them slapping you in the face in any other situation

  • The critical importance of the communication that happens in the “afterglow” after sex, and how it can save (or destroy) your relationship
Unleashing Her Full Sexual Potential
      Sex is a difficult subject.
     Every person on this planet has some sort of “sexual issues”... Every man... and every woman.  
      Dealing with her unique issues surrounding sex is ESSENTIAL if you want to be the best lover she has ever experienced.  Sometimes this means simply “understanding how she works”, and sometimes it means having the knowledge and ability to help her “heal” from past emotional trauma or abuse.
     Because of the way our society judges women who love sex without shame (we call them all kinds of unpleasant names), it is very difficult for most women to fully express their full sexual desire... even with the man she is in love with.
      Sexual Mastery means, not only knowing how to touch her, but how to help her to unleash her full Sexual Potential so that she can experience her deepest, most profound, and most powerful orgasms.
     I'll teach you...
  • How to “break her out of her shell”... she may seem shy or repressed, but inside she is filled with secret desires and passion - IF YOU KNOW HOW TO BRING THEM OUT

  • The exact steps for dealing with a woman who has never had an orgasm before - Be the man who gives her the gift of her first orgasm 

  • The most common causes that are at the root of women who say they can't orgasm, and how to deal with every single one of them (note: it's almost NEVER what they think it is)

  • Why the “double standard” is so damaging to women's sexuality, and how to make it “safe” for her to explore her “wild side”

  • Her Sexual Blueprint:  How to quickly and accurately determine exactly what she needs in a sexual relationship

  • How feminism hurts female sexuality - and how you can help her to keep her female power without giving up her sexual passion

  • The critical steps to helping her become sexually and emotionally healthy so that your relationship can grow and thrive and never become stale

  • How to deal with her “negative body image”... Once you learn this, you'll never have to hear her ask the dreaded question, “Do these pants make me look fat?” ever again... PLUS, by helping her become proud and confident she'll actually start taking much better care of herself and become more beautiful and radiant every day

  • The best way to turn any sexually repressed woman into a girl who loves sex!

  • Where “Sexual Guilt” comes from, and how to eliminate it from HER life and YOUR relationship

  • How to take her “past her edge” of comfort and show her new and exciting areas of sexual pleasure that she has never dared to explore with any other partner

  • How to make her come on your verbal command - she will be completely AMAZED to discover that her body can be taken over by your will in this way

  • The simple exercise that is 10X more likely to give her the most powerful orgasm of her life than just using some new “g-spot position”

  • Special Topic: VIBRATORS... when to use them, when to never use them, and how to deal with a woman who can ONLY orgasm when she uses her vibrator (she'll thank you forever for breaking her of this “addiction”)

  • Special Topic: Child Sexual Abuse... As many as 1 in 4 women have been sexually abused in some way as children, so I teach you EXACTLY how to deal with this very delicate subject and help her heal and put the past behind her once and for all (If you are in a relationship with a woman who is a survivor of Child Sexual Abuse, this will the most important thing you learn in this entire program... and can, literally, change your entire life together)
Keeping Your Relationship
HOT Forever
      It is totally “normal” for the passion to slowly decrease and eventually fade away in a long term relationship.
     In fact there are several scientific, biological, and evolutionary reasons that this happens... it's simply programmed into our genetics.
     But that does NOT mean that it has to happen that way!
      “Normal” is not a “prediction”, it is not destiny, and it is not what you should be aiming for... If you're still reading this letter you want your sex life to be WAY BEYOND “normal”.
     You CAN have incredible, passionate, mind-blowing sex long after the “novelty” factor goes away, and you can not only stay powerfully ATTRACTED to each other... 
     Attraction can actually GROW between over the long term.
      Couples that succeed in this kind of sexual attraction that lasts forever MUST know these critical things:
  •  Why men seek sexual variety - and how you can gain control over this relationship destroying instinct if you want to

  • How modern society attacks your relationship... If you don't know exactly how to defend yourself against these constant negative messages it could literally destroy the most valued thing in your life

  • Why some couples seem to be completely bullet-proof and are still loving, attracted to each other, and physically affectionate even after decades together

  • “Build A Better Wife/Girlfriend” - I will actually take you through a step-by-step process that I personally guarantee will get your woman to start exercising, watch her diet, and spend the time and effort to become more beautiful for YOU with every passing day.  You already know that complaining or telling her to go on a diet will have the OPPOSITE effect... this trick will make her HAPPY to get into shape

  • How you can become more SEXUALLY ATTRACTED to your wife/girlfriend with every passing day.  After a few short weeks of doing this simple mental exercise, you will actually think YOUR woman is HOTTER and more ATTRACTIVE than the models in magazines  (I know this sounds unrealistic, but it has worked for every guy who I've shared this secret with)

  • Sharing Fantasies:  This is the most common “magazine remedy” for “keeping it hot”... when to do it, how to do it, how to bring it up... and when you should NEVER do it

  • How to REPLACE “novelty” with “intimacy” and how it can be the HOTTEST sex you've ever experienced

  • How to maintain your MASCULINE POWER in a long term relationship - virtually every guy loses this quality over time... which is a HUGE mistake if you want your woman to stay HOT FOR YOU

  • The single biggest mistake that almost every couple makes as the “grow together” which is great for their friendship... but DEADLY for their sex life

  • Mental exercises to make sure you are engaging the correct part of your brain during sex... over time the areas of the brain you use during love-making shift, causing the sex to feel dull and stale... understanding these simple exercises can keep the fires burning forever, so that you still make love like hormone-crazed teenagers... even after YEARS together

  • Can a “diet” make you more sexually attracted to your wife?  This one can!  A special MENTAL diet that will have you sexually obsessed with each other

  • Maintain your “Masculine Boundary” to keep her powerfully sexually attracted to you and constantly in a state of sexual desire when you are around
From “Having Sex” To
“Making Love”:
The Spiritual Connection 
      For years guys have been coming to me for advice about sex.  I've written articles on the subject, and I guess I had a reputation for knowing a lot about the subject...
     But it's only been in the last couple of years that I've made the most profound discoveries in my own journey into the vast potential of the sexual arts, and it is these discoveries that changed my life in such incredible ways that it motivated me to create this product.
     This part of the program is the culmination of my most intense and serious research, work, and philosophies on the subject of Sexual Mastery.  
     Here are some of the things I will share with you... 
  •  A modern and grounded way to incorporate the concepts of “TANTRA” into your sex life without having to become a new-age weirdo

  • How your love-making  can be a path to  greater trust and understanding in your relationship - you'll be amazed how much less often you disagree or bicker when you are “sexually in sync”

  • Experience MULITPLE ORGASMS as a man... train yourself to have non-ejaculatory, full-body orgasms so that you can come as many times as you want to in a single night

  • Discover the spiritual aspects of your love-making together... regardless of your personal religious beliefs or affiliations

  • Take sexual intimacy to the “next level” and share synchronized pleasure experiences that will make you feel more bonded than ever.  Discover the meaning of the term “soul mates” and make her realize that you are in the only man in the universe that she could be with

  • How to give her the most brain-meltingly powerful multiple and “stacked” orgasms... Using these techniques you can give her continuous orgasms for as long as she can stand it.

  • How love-making can be the ultimate path to psychological and emotional wellness

  • A simple step-by-step method to experience making love with your souls... this out-of-body experience will completely change the way you view  sex forever

  • And much, much more...
      As you can see, this program is PACKED with priceless information that you just can't find anywhere else...
      I have done thousands of hours of research to put this material together, but MOST of the things I've read and seen in other sources I THREW AWAY because it is not only USELESS... but often DAMAGING to your success in your sexual relationships.
      And that's the kind of thing that you either learn the hard way (like I had to)... or never learn at all.  Because so many guys will read something in a book or see something in a video and BELIEVE it, and just keep doing the same old thing even though it's not really improving their sex life at all.
     This program is NOT relationship counseling, and it's not one of those cookie-cutter guides to “intercourse positions”... and it's DEFINITELY NOT one of those weird sex  books from the 70's that make sex  all about being a “sensitive man”... you know the ones that actually make sex seem BORING. 
     If you are just looking for something like that, you are in the wrong place.
     And you are also in the wrong place if you are afraid of  taking the chance of becoming more a more PASSIONATE and involved lover.
      This is a guide for men who are totally serious and committed to becoming an absolute WORLD-CLASS lover.  
     You can't become that kind of man by just learning some position that is supposedly “guaranteed to drive any woman wild”.  That is the path straight to mediocrity.  You and every other guy on the planet will be doing the same thing.
     To give her an experience that will completely BLOW HER MIND, and make her re-think everything she thought she knew about sex (and about you)... to completely erase not only every other man from her mind... but even erase her old fantasies and replace them with an OBSESSION FOR YOU AND ONLY YOU...
     To do that, you must have the courage to find your AUTHENTIC and confident sexual identity and, more important, your AUTHENTIC  connection to each other.
     And that is EXACTLY what this program will do for you.
     Whether you are already a confident lover who wants to see if there is something bigger and better out there that you haven't experienced yet (there is), or if you are a guy who struggles with anxiety and insecurities around sex... whether you are single or you have been married for many years...
     This Sexual Mastery Program will guide you, step-by-step, to pinpoint exactly what you need to banish any anxieties or “bad programming” and make you into the Sexually Confident Man that a woman can completely surrender herself to in the bedroom.
Here's What You'll Get 
     6 full-length audio programs packed with EVERYTHING you will ever need to know to become the most sexually powerful man that she has ever imagined...
     Each audio program represents a different “lesson” within the home-study course that, by itself, is a stand alone resource for the area it discusses so that you can easily pick out the parts of the program that are most challenging for you to listen to again and again in your path towards Sexual Mastery... 

     I want you to experience a relationship that you both you and your partner call “magical”.  I want you to be the man that can make her feel like YOU are her DESTINY.  And I don't want anything to stand in the way of you getting this information.
     That's why I've made this program available to you for only $97.00 for the full program (or 3 payments of $35.97)... PLUS you've got my “better than money-back guarantee” so that you can check out the material for yourself with absolutely NO RISK TO YOU. 


Don’t Decide Now…
Try My  “Sexual Mastery” Program
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     I'm so sure that you will love this program that I'm willing to do something that might seem a little bit CRAZY...

      I'd like to send you a copy of this program to try with a no-questions-asked, full 2-Month Guarantee.

     Here's how it works:

     Download your copy of my Sexual Mastery program at MY RISK.

     If you don't like it, just shoot me a quick email within 2 months from downloading it, and I will give you a full refund immediately. Don't worry, there are no hoops to jump though, and the email address is the same one found on all of my products, pages, and newsletters... (Alex@RevolutionarySex.com).

     I'm sincere about this... I don't want you to pay if it doesn't work for you exactly as promised. That's why whether you ask for a refund or not, you get to KEEP the program.

     Obviously that means that I am taking some degree of risk that some guys might rip me off... but it is worth to me, because I want to make it so that it could not POSSIBLY be any easier or low risk for YOU.

     When you click on the button below, you'll be taken to a secure order page where you can order your program.

     I truly want to help you take your sexual skills... and your RELATIONSHIP to the highest limits imaginable. I get emails every day from guys who are using these materials to improve their relationships, their sex lives, and their marriages, and I want to help you too.

Click on the link below for your 2-Month no-risk trial of:
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Should A Man Have This Much Sexual Power Over His Woman?

     The truth is, whether we like it or not, there are some aspects of every relationship that are USUALLY the woman's job, and some that are USUALLY the man's job.

      Are there men who make better mommies (primary care-giver) than their mate?  

      Of course.

      But women are almost always superior at nurturing because of their biology, their instincts, their genetics.

      You'll probably also agree that if a big spider needs killing, she's probably going to ask YOU to do it.  Men are naturally more aggressive and we have instincts that made us the protectors in our family units over the past thousands and thousands of years.

      And the differences don't end there.  

      So whether you want to have this responsibility or not, it turns out that it is (usually) the MAN's job to seduce his woman and get her turned on, it's (usually) a MAN's job to initiate sex, and it's a MAN's job to please his woman in the bedroom.

     Unfortunately most men completely lack the Sexual Confidence to do this right, and they timidly wait for some sign from their woman that it's okay, or they just get on top of her and whack away and figure if they do it long enough, eventually, she might have an orgasm or be impressed with  him.

      And so women quickly get bored and frustrated.  Sometimes they even get depressed.

     And sometimes, as you know, they stray away from the man they love to find that “something else” that they are looking for somewhere else. 

     I know that women get bored and frustrated and depressed because they email me every day either complaining about their husbands and asking me how they can bring up the subject without hurting his “male ego”...

     Or... they are THANKING me for the incredible change in their man since he started using my materials.

     Needless to say, I like getting the second type of email a lot more than the first.

     Is your woman complaining about you?

     Think about it for a minute... 


     Is your woman bragging about you? 

     Is she thinking sexual thoughts about you all day long and counting the minutes until you get home? 

     Does she blush and giggle when you look into her eyes?

     Does her skin shiver whenever you touch her?

     Maybe the most important thing about gaining Sexual Mastery is how very badly SHE WANTS YOU TO BE THAT SEXUALLY CONFIDENT MAN.

     Because when a woman is being completely sexually satisfied, when she is consistently overwhelmed with sexual pleasure...

      It completely changes the way she feels all day long.  

     A woman who is completely fulfilled sexually will do ANYTHING for her man, and she is  a happier and more loving partner.

      And the great news?  

      She'll notice exactly the same changes in YOU.

      You both deserve it.

      Bring your love making to the next level.  Don't put off something so incredibly important to your happiness together.  Click the link below and download your copy of Sexual Mastery to try out with a full 2 Month Guarantee.

Try It Now

          Your Friend,


P.S. In this program you are going to learn the most powerful techniques anywhere for not only giving women the most intense sexual pleasure imaginable, but for completely eliminating any challenges or issues that have held you back from total Sexual Confidence in the past.  You'll be able to use the skills you learn IMMEDIATELY and see incredible results INSTANTLY.  I guarantee it.

P.P.S. Once you start using this information, please be sure to send me an email to tell me how it’s working for you at Alex@revolutionarysex.com

If you have any questions about this offer or how to buy the book, just send an email to AlexAllman@revolutionarysex.com and you’ll get an answer shortly.


What People Are Saying About
Alex Allman's Revolutionary
Sex Concepts...

(These have been edited/names changed to initials for privacy) 


First of all, I would like to thank you so much for the information you have so kindly shared with me. I can't believe how much my sex life (and sexual experiences) have changed since I started receiving you're e-mails. Every single piece of information you have given me has worked like a charm, and even though it has all happened with the same girl, it just keeps getting better and better (and I have experienced the bust eardrums and the wet sheets) so thank you. it's so reassuring to have someone like you tell you what you are doing wrong, rather than just give you a whole load of information that may still not work, but like I said everything you have told me has worked, and worked well (that is to say that she keeps coming back for more)

- P.B. from the UK


I am a female reader that is subscribing to your news and information letters now for about 7 months and let me tell you I am so glad that finally there is someone out there that can relate in simple terms the important steps to better sex for both men and women! I am a 53 year old female, I have a healthy sexual appetite, and love to give sexually; as good as I get. However, there has been a couple of relationships I have been in that weren't that fulfilling. I believe that maybe they just didn't understand the art of sexual pleasures, both for him and myself. Now that I and my fiancee have read your news letters we have both uses the methods and applied all the knowledge to help make our sexual lives both fulfilling and complete. We believe that satisfaction is one of the key elements to keeping and nourishing a relationship, so every time we make love its exciting, and fulfilling to both of us. Again Thank You for all your words of wisdom.

- Sincerely,  C.D.M. 


Alex, I really dig your advice. [...] Just your tips alone have worked out SUPER well.  Now every time I have sex, it's followed by her saying “HOLY SHIT HOW DID YOU DO THAT” HAHAHA!  It's great, thanx a lot!

  - E.T.


Hi Alex, Recently I purchased a copy of your book and I'd like to let you know that it worked. We had a number of best love making experiences with my wife.  That helped us to advance to next level in our relationships, and introduced much more pleasure for both of us into our bedroom life.

BTW, I am person with Cerebral Palsy and book worked. It proves one more time that your physical qualities, strength and even coordination are not what matters most.

I find it essential to mention, that in my opinion your book is not really about sex. In my opinion, it is all about love, and that is just amazing. I learned to feel, understand and sense my wife my deeper than I was able to before. I truly needed that piece of philosophy I found in your book to understand my wife. I am pretty sure, that for most men, including me, it's not possible to understand what's going on (without help) since we're so different with women.

Surprisingly, I reevaluated my life as well. After reading your book I turned upside down other aspects of my life as well, and I feel great. It's a major breakthrough.

My wife [...] also thanks you and wishes that more men read your book, since there are so many unhappy women in our world.
Thanks, man :-)

  - V.

Alex, as a woman, I simply would like to let you know that even without your books, your newsletters have been quite a help to me. Your frank and no-nonsense, healthy and fun approach to touchy questions and sensitive issues has helped me to form the words and the eventual conversations that have led to better communication with at least two sexual partners.

Your language and your style has given me (who is no inarticulate bum, by any means) the way to say much of what I've needed a man to know but wasn't sure how to approach him.

So, I think you really should market yourself more to women, as we could use the help simply in understanding better ways to let our guys know what we need most.

Bless you, Darling Alex, and many kisses to your sweet face!

 - A.C. from Indiana


Alex, I really am glad I signed up. Given how little you charge, relative to how much fun I have had with the book, the CD, and the newsletter, it's been a good deal... I cannot think of a problem that with your help, will be more fun to try and resolve...
thanks so much...

  - J.

Dear Alex, Just using this medium to say a big thank you for your family life improving, and more importantly, Sex Bliss research discoveries you weekly churn out. They are no doubt a great source of making lives more interesting.

I really want to tell you my wife asked me where I suddenly came about some of the new secrets and approaches, she was really impressed and this made her to call me her “teacher”, it really helped to boost my confidence...

Thanks for making Marital Lives and Sexual experiences blissful

 - C.A.A. from Kentucky


You secret to keep monogamy was great and timely [...]  I believe that your advice will be of great help for my relationship.  Thank you very much and my GOD BLESS you.  Keep communicating and you will be of great help to many.  Chao.

- O.G. 

Dear Alex; I have never done this before,but I have to say to you that since I purchased your EBook, I have not even completed it and I can truly say to you there is a change in my love life with my wife. I am still reading your newsletters when they come,but I have not gotten back to the book yet. I definitely will return to the book,because the information is invaluable. Thank you for saying what we need to hear,but could not find until now someone to guide us properly

- R.P. 

thanks alex, forgive my spelling ability it's not quiet my strong suite. but thanks to the advice you've given me has made it so me and my girlfriend can connect on so many more levels. when we started it was just for sex no strings attached... and well sex got boring so we didn't go as much. but when i found your stuff and read your tips i gave her a call and asked if she wanted to try something more then sex. she thought it was an ok idea and weve been steady ever since. and it's because of you alex. i owe you man i really do cause now we are getting married next month...... to think i found my one true love right in front of me and it took another guy to point her out to me....*laughs* ow well thats the past now and once again thanks a lot for all your help