“Who Else Wants To Know Exactly Which Exercises, Herbs, And Supplements Can Actually Get You On The Fast Track To Better Sex... And Which Ones Are Just A Waste Of Time And Money?”

Finally, A Meticulously Well Researched Report On Virtually EVERY Method Out There That Promises Sexual Enhancement... And That Takes All The Mystery And Risk Out Of Figuring Out What Is REAL And What Is A Scam...

Dear Friend,

    Let's get honest for a minute...

    Have you ever read one of those weird spam mails that promised that a simple pill could give you a huge rod of steel and the virility of the alpha-male in a pride of lions... and, at least for a minute... you just WONDERED if there might be ANY truth to it?

    Have you ever seen televisions commercials or read "testimonials", or even "scientific looking" studies and claims about pills and herbs that just sounded too good to be true?

    Ever try any of  'em?

    Chances are, you either answered "yes or "no" to that last question based on how much of a skeptic you are... and NOT based on hours and hours of digging through laboratory results or university studies. 

    Turns out that most of the people who are selling this stuff, and even the folks who are just recommending most of these exercises, pills, and supplements don't read any serious studies either. 

    Amazing. But True...

     And so many men end up taking herbs that, if taken every day, are extremely toxic or have a whole list of dangerous side effects... and many others are not only dangerous... but also completely ineffective (except maybe for some psychological placebo effect).

Supercharge Your Sex Life...
The Easy Way 

    Sure, that's what we all want.  Something that works.  Something that's easy.

    And that's why I rolled up my sleeves and started doing the research.  And, as it turns out, I'm pretty well qualified to do that research...

    Because, not only have I devoted years studying and writing books about the science and art of enhancing sexuality and love-making, but, as it turns out...

    I was a real science-geek right through college, and I am fluent in the language of "science".

    In other words, a lot of my research involves reading stuff like the below, (which is actually from one of the articles I used during my research-- in this case about the results of heavy weight training on sexual function)...

...and there are several possible reasons for this reduced glycolytic activity, and anaerobic glycolytic ATP rephosphorylation may be reduced in individuals during high intensity exercise. Reduced activity of phosphofructokinase-1 and lactate dehydrogenase enzymes could also explain the lower glycolytic capacity... 


    I didn't like sorting through this stuff... but if  you DO like this sort of thing, then you don't need this Special Report... you can just jump right on "google scholar" and look up the scientific abstracts and university studies for yourself.

    But why bother?  I already did the "heavy lifting" for you... 

    And then I put all of it together into my handy, dandy Special Report: 

The Secrets Of Sexual Fitness: The Facts About Foods, Exercises, And Herbs That Enhance Sexual Performance


   Inside, I will take you through specific exercises that will train you for success in the bedroom—as well as talk about the latest ideas in nutrition and herbal supplements for sexual enhancement.

You’ll Learn…

  • Exactly how your general health affects your ability to perform in bed and the fastest ways to make nearly instant improvement in your “sexual health”
  • The simple lifestyle changes you can make that will make your erection stronger, harder, and last longer
  • The “addiction” that most people have never even heard of that is probably directly affecting your sexual performance right now—and what to do about it
  • The facts on saturated fats and their effect on your sex drive, your body’s testosterone production, and the quality of your erections
  • The effects of cardio-vascular training on  your sex drive. (The truth about this one will definitely surprise you)
  • The optimum way to lift weights in order to maximize your testosterone levels throughout the day
  • The “Big 3” health issues that directly affect your sex drive and your sexual performance and how to take control of them
  • The powerful truth about how stress affects sexual performance and the best way to avoid it’s libido-killing effects
  • How to make your body sexier and more attractive to women INSTANTLY
  • SPECIFIC exercises that increase your sexual performance and improve your erections—including the single most powerful exercise to improve your performance and HER pleasure
  • The secret from the ancient practice of Yoga that can revolutionize your sex life (and let you last nearly forever in the bedroom)
  • Which foods are natural “aphrodisiacs” and which foods that people commonly think will increase their sex drive that are just B.S.
  • Why people who drink coffee have more sex—it’s not why you probably think

    ...And... most importantly...
  • The scientifically researched FACTS about those herbs and supplements that are sold on the Internet—what works, what doesn’t, which ones are scams, and which are dangerous—you’ll never look at the ingredient label on a bottle of pills the same way again

   Okay, I'm going to cut to chase right here and now and tell you the end of the story before you even bother reading the beginning...

   There are no "magic bullets".

   There are things out there that DO work well, but have some side-effects you might not be comfortable with... there are things that don't have any side effects (other than lightening your wallet) that research shows do NOTHING at all...

   And most of all, there are things that take some time and effort but do produce some worthwhile results...

   But nothing is free, simple, instant, perfectly safe, and will turn you into ultimate alpha-male over night.

   If that was your only question, then you get my well-researched answer for free.  No need to buy the book.

   Also, if you just prefer to believe the promises in your spam-mail, then you probably don't want to read this report either...

    But, on the other hand, if you want to save  yourself hundreds of hours of research, prevent yourself from taking things with side-effects that you don't even know about, and potentially save yourself literally thousands of dollars and endless time trying out bogus products...

    Then you will be EXTREMELY HAPPY to know that you can get ALL of this information for only $8.97. 

    Yes, I know that's less than half the price of a week's supply of most of the herbs on the market... and only about half the price of a single Viagra tablet... and that is EXACTLY my intention.

    In other words... I've done my part to make this EASY for you.  

    And then, for no reason but that I'm crazy, because, seriously, how can straight information not be worth less than the price of a "Happy Meal", I'm offering my 60 day money-back guarantee anyway.  

    Okay already, I think you know you should probably just go ahead and download this thing already...

     Get started now by clicking here for your copy:

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    By the way, I know it's obvious but...

    The information is only going to work for you if you actually READ it.  Please do.  I made it super-simple and well organized for quick reference on virtually ANYTHING you will encounter out there and I'm committed to updating the book often so that the copy you will be holding in your hands will have the LATEST information inside.

    Click the link above, and order now.

   Your Friend,


   Alex Allman

P.S. Please get the book BEFORE you buy anything on the Internet and put it into your mouth... and even before you do any weird sounding exercises that involve your penis.  Really.   You'll be pretty surprised by some of my findings.

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