Quick Sex Tips: 

“Foreplay Techniques and Tips”

By Alex Allman


If you've ever read a magazine article about how to
give a female an orgasm, then you've been hearing a
lot about foreplay.

Foreplay is everywhere.
Women's magazines, feminists, and women who give
sex tips on the radio all talk about foreplay as if it's the
one thing that no man can possibly understand, but
that every woman needs.

And yet, with all of this talk about foreplay techniques
and foreplay tips, it still seems like most people (women as well
as men) don't fully get what foreplay is all about.

One of the biggest misunderstandings is driven by the
basic idea (and I think the wrong idea), that the purpose
of foreplay techniques is to get your woman turned on
enough that she's "lubricated" for intercourse.

How clinical. How boring. No wonder men don't want to spend
too much time on it.

Another wrong idea is that foreplay is all the stuff before
the intercourse.

In that case, all sex positions that aren't intercourse
positions are defined as "foreplay positions".

So, for example, variations on the "69" position are all
foreplay positions, oral sex and manual sex are foreplay
techniques, and painting her body with edible paint is
foreplay games...

But, in fact, oral sex isn't foreplay... it's SEX.
(Please, no Bill Clinton jokes)

If you are a man want to give your woman the most intense
sexual experience of her life, then I suggest that you
start redefining the way you think about foreplay techniques.

Sure, good foreplay will get your woman aroused... but
more important, good foreplay should get her EMOTIONALLY
ready to enjoy sex, and EMOTIONALLY ready to
experience her most powerful orgasms.

This happens when you make her feel, not just sexual,
but SEXY.  When a woman feels desired, and when she
feels comfortable being sexual and sexy in your eyes,
then good foreplay becomes great foreplay.

I have a concept that I call "All Day Foreplay", and it's
incredibly effective. 

During the course of the day, do the small, masculine
things that make her feel sexy and sexually desired...

Here are some quick All Day Foreplay Techniques:

- Send her  a text message during the day telling
her that you can't stop thinking about her body (extra
points for being specific about what part of her body
you are thinking about)

- Send her an email telling her exactly what you want to
do to her later. Details and description, and how it will
make her FEEL are all important here.

- When you pass her in the kitchen during breakfast,
grab her by the shoulders, spin her around and give
her a little spank on the ass and tell you think  it should
be illegal to be that hot.

- At some random time, just press her up against the
wall and kiss her passionately.  Then make firm eye
contact and tell her, "later".

- Stroke her hair and face, look at her like you're going
to kiss her, then just sigh, smiling meaningfully, and
walk away.

Get the idea?

These All Day Foreplay techniques don't just convey that
she's sexy, they also communicate a lot about your 

The more masculine YOU behave, the more feminine SHE
will feel. The more feminine she GETS TO be.

The most powerful foreplay positions don't involve your
body, but your eyes.

Making strong sexual eye-contact with her, or letting
your eyes drift meaningfully across her body is going
to do much more than just grabbing at her breasts.

In other words, foreplay is not really about "foreplay positions"
but about "foreplay IDEAS"

When the time comes to get sexual and you are getting
ready to make love, she will be quivering with excitement.

At that point you can dispense with any other foreplay
and just be decisive and masculine and use the power
of what the girls on "Sex In The City" called good
"throw down".

In other words, there is nothing hotter in a woman's
mind  then being kept on a slow simmer all day (all day foreplay), and then,
when you first walk through the door, you just sweep her
up in your arms, carry her to the bedroom (or the kitchen
counter, or the floor), and passionately make love to her on
the spot.

Of course, "throw down" has to be  used sparingly or it
quickly loses its power and fun.

The other great foreplay technique is to go in the completely
opposite direction and TEASE her until she is ready to

Touch every part of her body with feather light
caresses ... EXCEPT for her nipples and vagina.  When
you finally do touch her there, and she starts really getting
into it... stop and slow down until she's begging for
more.  Do the same with your tongue.

I should warn you that there is a fine line here,  and
teasing for too long might go from foreplay to just pissing her off...

Here is how to prolong teasing foreplay and also making it
even more POWERFUL: Make her FEEL how badly
YOU want it too.

Let her know that by delaying the pleasure, you are
driving your self crazy too.

When you finally begin sex... whether it's oral sex
or intercourse... she will have her first orgasm so
much more quickly that it will amaze you.

Enjoy caressing and oral sex as often as you like.
It's all great stuff! But for foreplay that is
unforgettable, focus on turning on her mind and heart, and
her body will take care of itself.

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