Quick Sex Tips: 

“Female Ejaculation Techniques”

By Alex Allman

     One of the most common email questions I receive is:

      "Can a woman LEARN how to squirt?"

     This entry is a quick but effective "how to" for female ejaculation techniques...

     First of all, before I go into how to make a woman ejaculate, let's answer the other common question: "Is female ejaculation real?

    Female ejaculation comes from the intra-urethral glands, also known as the Skenes gland, for the Dr. Skene who discovered them.  They are the genetic analog of the male prostate, and they produce the clear, odorless liquid that comes out when women ejaculate during orgasm.

    Though the female ejaculation comes from the urethra (the "pee hole"), it is provably not urine because it is completely odorless.  It has also been chemically analyzed, and to make this final for those who are still doubtful:

     It's not pee.

     So... how to make a woman "squirt"?

     Well, first of all, since the skenes gland is located right behind the g spot, it has been assumed that the g spot is important for a woman to learn how to ejaculate.

     This is true.  You have to stimulate the g spot... and
as you do, you can actually feel it swell more and more as the skenes glands fill with fluid.

     Here's an important Female Ejaculation Tip: many women say that when they are getting close to orgasm, they feel a strong urge, as if they are about urinate.  What they are feeling is the pressure of the full Skene's glands against their urethra.

     For some women this actually prevents them from ever having an orgasm, because  the feeling that they might urinate scares them, so they put on the brakes. The fear and anxiety backs down their level of arousal.

     So if your partner feels this powerful urge to pee when you are having oral sex or intercourse-- even if she's recently visited the bathroom-- then chances are good that she is close to learning how to experience female ejaculation.

     Usually female ejaculation requires a "blended orgasm", or an orgasm from both the clitoris and the g spot at the same time.

     Most female ejaculation techniques will involve sex positions that stimulate both the g spot and the clitoris at the same time.

     Female ejaculation is sometimes something that will happen by itself during a powerful blended female orgasm, particularly if she is completely lost in the experience and deeply surrendered... so it might surprise her when it does.

     But more often its'a case of  practice.   A woman usually will learn how to ejaculate through a series of breathing exercises to learn how to relax into her orgasm. A skilled and sensitive partner can help lead her into this deeply surrendered state.

     One of the most powerful female ejaculation techniques that I teach can dramatically increase your chances of learning how to make a woman experience ejaculation during orgasm is this simple g spot exercise:

     When you are stimulating her g spot, press your finger into the area and then instruct her push back against your finger with her vaginal muscles.

     This will train her awareness of the g spot and skene's gland, and is a very big step in learning how to achieve female ejaculation. In fact, this technique alone, along with developing both the ability and the sexual trust to give your partner deep, blended orgasms will often be enough to start keeping a stack of towels by the bed.

     But of course, most important of all is learning to build the kind of trust and connection with your partner that will allow you to both experience these deep states of orgasm together.

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