“How To Get Girls Turned On”


    Have you ever been in a situation with a
woman and you weren't sure whether or not she was
turned on? 

    Obviously now, I'm talking about a
situation where YOU are definitely turned on and
you're hoping that SHE is too... but you're
just... not... sure...

    Or, worse, you are very sure... and she

    If you're a single guy, then you're
probably relating to this from the perspective of
a date--

    When you've got her back at your place and
you are really attracted to her and thinking, 'let's
get it on!' ...but you can feel her slowly, steadily,
sliding towards, 'let's just be friends...'

    And you have this sense that at some point
in the night she WAS attracted to you, and you
know that somehow, if you get her sexually turned
on again... that something magic could happen...

    But you're just not sure how.


    If you are in a relationship, then you
know this kind of thing still happens. 

    There are plenty of nights when you're
really in the mood, and she's just... not.

    And often, there is this moment when you
feel like you have an opportunity to maybe turn it
around, maybe get her turned on and have a great,
wild night of fun and sex...

    But as you make your move, something is
not... quite... right... and you can almost hear
something switch off inside of her, and you know
you're not getting any tonight.


    Often it's no big deal.  There's no rule
that she has to be turned on all the time when
you are... but sometimes it doesn't feel good.

    It can hurt your ego.  It can make you
even doubt your relationship when you are sexually
rejected by your partner like that.

    But it's happened to every one of us...
no matter how great the relationship.

    And, if you're like me, you think to
yourself, 'damn, I screwed up.' And you sense
that there was some way you could have done it
slightly differently and gotten her turned on.

    Well, in both cases, for the single guy
and for the relationship guy, there is something
that you could have done differently... something

    And, of course, your pal Alex is going to
share it with you...

    It's a powerful concept, and if you can
really "get it" on an intellectual and emotional
level, you will find that it is damn nearly 100%
effective at getting her turned on.

    Now let me disclaimer this before you
get stupid on me and start the "What if I..."
unrealistic situations on me.

    No, this isn't some magic charm that will
let you walk up to the hottest girl in a club,
who you've never met before, who is 4 inches taller
than you, who is married to a mob boss, and you're
wearing bermuda shorts with black socks... and it
will get her instantly horny and she'll jump
your bones right there!

    Sorry.  I'm not THAT good.

    I'm never going to tell you anything about
how you can get a woman to do something she
doesn't want to do.

    But what I can give you is a great tool
for getting a girl seriously turned on... like
feeling very sexually hot for YOU-- in an
appropriate place and time...

    ...like on a date when you are back at
your place, or just before bed with your
girlfriend or wife.

    And it is a very, very powerful tool
that can bring you many, many nights of sexual
pleasure that might otherwise have slipped out
of your grasp.

    Okay, I've teased you long enough-- What
is this amazing secret that will let you get
pretty much any woman turned on when you want her
to be?


    Learning to be sexually assertive is a
very big issue for a lot of men. 

    For MOST guys, it does NOT come naturally.

    In fact, most guys can be very, very shy
when it comes right down to it... even guys that
are very extroverted when talking to girls in
other situations.

    And, like I said, even guys in
relationships can find it intimidating to be
sexually assertive with the woman in their life.

    A big part of this is the fear of
rejection or humiliation. 

    What could be worse than acting like
some kind of big stud, only to be rejected... or
even LAUGHED at?

    You're not alone, pal.  Just about
everyone has these thoughts.

    Now, some other guys go to the other
extreme and completely misunderstand what sexual
assertiveness is all about.

    To be perfectly, crystal clear on the

    Sexually assertive is NOT sexually "pushy,"
and it's not sexually "insistent," and it's not
sexually "aggressive," and it's not sexually

    In other words, it's not being a total

    And if you act that way, don't expect
to be turning many women on with that behavior.

    (Though, unfortunately, there are some
women who ARE attracted to that kind of behavior,
they generally have some underlying emotional
issues... that the jerk is making worse.)

    Sexual "assertiveness," on the other hand,
is something that is almost universally sexy to

    And, in fact, if you learn how to do it
right, even a woman who you have been with for YEARS
will still respond to it every time you use it...
because it wired into their brains from millions
of years of evolution.

    So... what exactly is sexually assertive,
and how do you make it work for YOU...

    Well, let me begin to telling you what it
is not... it is not sexually "tentative."

    In fact, it is the opposite of "tentative"
and I mention that, because it is one of the best
ways to explain and to understand this concept.

    Let me use two examples-- one verbal and
one physical to show you what "assertive" is and
why it turns women on in such a powerful way.

    The verbal example is, you are with your
girl on the couch, you have your arm around her,
and you say, "wanna get it on?"

    How many different ways could you say

    You could say it as a joke and get a
laugh, of course.  You could even imitate some
fake-suave guy voice, or do it with a silly
French accent, cock one eye-brow... "wanna
get it on?"

    And she laughs hysterically.

    You could be serious about it-- but ask
her kind of indifferently.  Like, maybe even YOU
don't know if you're in the mood or not... you're
bored and "getting it on" might be a fun idea...
"wanna get it on?"

    And she thinks about it, and ALMOST
CERTAINLY will shrug her shoulders and say either,
"I'm not really in the mood," or, "I don't know..."

    And she'll say "I don't know..." in a way
that suggests she really isn't in the mood at all,
but doesn't want to hurt your feelings.

    Of course, maybe she's just in the mood
and she'll say yes... but even then, inside,
she'll be feeling very disappointed in you.

    Because no woman wants a guy who feels
sort of ambivalent about getting it on with her.
In fact, even if she was in the mood, you might
kill it by asking in that way.

    Okay, now the sexually TENTATIVE guy will
ask the question, hoping that she says "yes," but
in his heart, he is so uncertain of his own sexual
attractiveness that he's already half-certain
that she will say no.

    He may ask it quietly, unable to make
eye-contact.  He may even do it HALF funny, not
fully committing to the joke because he is
actually serious, but using the joke as an
excuse in case she says no.

    To a woman, this guy doesn't even have
the guts to go full-on for the laugh.

    So he says, half-joking, kind of quietly,
in an uncertain tone: "wanna get it on?"

    And her skin crawls and she feels
something a little bit like panic because she
wants to get out of it so badly-- and she is
GRATEFUL that he said it half funny so that she
can fake a laugh and pretend to go along with
the joke that he wishes he never made.


    The man who is sexually assertive will
ask the question in a way that is more of a
statement than a question.  For him, it is very
obvious that she wants to "get it on."  And if
she doesn't, it's because she just wasn't thinking
clearly about it yet.

    He knows EXACTLY what he wants, and he
knows that he can get HER to want it to.

    You look her directly in the eyes without
wavering, you get close enough to make her feel
the heat of your desire because you are unashamed
of your desire, you may smirk slightly because you
KNOW how turned on you're going to make her feel
when you say, quietly but firmly,

    "Wanna get it on?"

    Now, if you do this right, you know what
she'll say?


    She won't be able to speak.

    She'll just stare back into your eyes, her
pupils will get huge as saucers, her skin will
flush, and she will open her mouth slightly, involuntarily,
to be kissed.

    Now, a big part of this isn't what you
SAY, but what you are THINKING while you say it.

    Women are extremely sensitive to subtext,
vocal tone, and body language, and when you are
thinking the confident thoughts of the sexually
assertive man, she can FEEL it.

    And she will respond to it.

    I said earlier that this will work damn
nearly 100% of the time.  I meant that.  It will.

    But only if you get it right, and that
means you really need to get in touch with that
assertive, male part of yourself. 

    If you have deep doubts, she will hear it
in the unsteadiness of your voice, in the
tentative feel of your touch, or in the wavering
of your eyes.

    Can you fake it?

    Yes... but not easily.  It may take some
practice.  You will have to learn to calm
yourself and make her feel your sexual power.

    But if you commit to it, if you really
believe that it will work-- it will.

    And as I said above-- even if you've been
together for years and you do it hundreds of
times, she will still respond powerfully to this
attitude every time.

    Do you have to use the words, "wanna get
it on?"


    Obviously you could say just about
anything.  If you are being sexually assertive,
it will work.  She will get very, very aroused.

    So let's look at a second example-- a
purely physical approach...

    You are back on the couch with the girl,
and without saying a word, you lean in and kiss

    The great news here is that, by its very
nature, just going for the kiss IS sexually

    You didn't ask permission, you didn't
say ANYTHING... you just went for what you

    In general, women have a lot of respect
for this approach.  Most women will tell you that
they prefer it when a guy just kisses them without
saying a word first...

    Yet we all know that this can also go
horribly wrong.  We have all "gotten the cheek"
when we went for the kiss.

    So let's break it down:

    You might sit there nervously for a few
minutes, getting up the guts, and then just GO
for it, and suddenly lunge in for the kiss.

    Not sexy.

    She'll probably end up talking about the
experience with her therapist.

    You might go for the tentative approach
and move in a bit closer to her, slowly, not sure
if the time is right...

    You look down, unable to hold her
gaze.  Feeling nervous, you lean your
head in while keeping the rest of your body
as far away from the girl as possible so that
she "doesn't get the wrong idea" and think
you're not a "gentleman."


    Yep... you just got the cheek.

    Hell, maybe she thinks you're cute and
you get the "mercy kiss."

    Even in a relationship, a tentative kiss
is NOT going to lead to action in the bedroom.

    Now if you've been reading along so far,
and if you think you understand what I'm talking
about, you should be able to write the next part

    In fact, that might a really cool idea.

    Why not play along and write your own
version of the "sexually assertive kiss" and
then come back and read my version and see if
they are the same.

    They don't have to be EXACTLY the same,
or even the same in any DETAILS-- just the same

    The sexually assertive guy knows exactly
what he wants and he knows that she is going
to want it too.

    If you've been sitting on the couch for
a while, and you are sexually assertive, you
have been touching her ALL ALONG.

    You are not going to suddenly spring on
her and break the barrier between not-touching and
touching with a kiss.

    You know the power that you're sexual
energy has over her emotions and her mind.

    You put your hands on her in a calm,
confident, and gentle way... not sexually
"aggressive" or "pushy."  But still assertive
about what you want.

    You might stroke her hair or it push it
back from her eyes, maybe you run the back of
your hand across her cheek, or stroke her face
and lips with the tips of your fingers.

    You know how much girls love to be
touched, how much they love to have a mans hands
on them.

    You never let her break free from the
intensity of your gaze.

    You get closer to her with your whole
body, because you have no shame about your own
sexual desire.

    You move in closer and pause for a moment,
she opens her lips slightly to receive your kiss,
and gently, softly, you kiss her, and you hold
it there, and then gently push her away.

    You smile at her because you know how
much you just turned her on.

    And what does she do?

    Probably lean in and stick her tongue
in your mouth.  Maybe she just sits there panting,
waiting for what you are going to do next.  Maybe
she starts tearing your clothing off.

    I'm sitting here typing this, KNOWING from
massive experience and experimentation, that this
absolutely works.

    But I am not sitting there, with you,
while  you read it, and so I really hope that
I've done a good job explaining this principle
to you.

    It's simple when you "GET IT," but,
unfortunately, it can be a complicated thing to
give yourself permission to "get it."

    Like I said at the beginning, most guys
struggle with this.

    Most guys NEVER get it.

    And as you look at the examples above,
the one thing you may notice, is that the main
quality it takes to be sexually assertive is

    I've talked about the importance of
sexual confidence in many of my newsletters, and
if you've been reading them, you know that it is
not quite the same as regular old, general

    A guy can be very confident in many
other areas of his life and still not be sexually

    I go into a lot of detail about how you
gain sexual confidence in my eBook, and frankly,
the best way to get that confidence is by learning
the things that you KNOW will drive her wild in
the bedroom.

    It's a lot easier to be sexually confident
when you know that once you've got her in bed,
you are going to completely rock her world.

    That's why I really hope that you take a
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    Your friend