Revolutionary Sex
  • Revolutionary Sex E-Book

    Revolutionary Sex

    REVOLUTIONARY SEX: How To Give A Woman The Mind-Blowing Sexual Experience She's Always Dreamed Of

    The book that started it all!

    Learn how to give virtually any woman powerful, satisfying orgasms... even women who have never had the "Big O" before.

    • Master female anatomy-- know where her "hot buttons" are
    • The best sexual positions for every circumstance
    • The truth about "size" and "stamina"
    • How to build sexual confidence and sexual trust
    • Step-by-step: Multiple Orgasms, Stacked Orgasms, and "Squirting" Orgasms
    • Understand and enjoy women's secret sexual fantasies
    • Become the best lover she has ever experienced
    • And much, MUCH more...

    Download your copy and you could be reading it, literally minutes from right now...

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  • Revolutionary Sex For Her

    Revolutionary Sex For Her

    Learn how to drive any man crazy with desire and get EVERYTHING you've always wanted from your sex life...

    • Have more powerful and more frequent orgasms during sex-play and intercourse
    • Turn him on like never before and help him become the lover you crave without triggering his "male ego" insecurities or resentments
    • Build deep intimacy, trust, and authenticity in your relationship both in and out of the bedroom
    • Learn what men really want (hint: it's not anything that they'll ever tell you because they don't know how to communicate it)

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  • Command & Control: Complete Ejaculation Domination

    Ejaculation Domination

    Command & Control: Complete Ejaculation Domination

    Last until she begs you for mercy...

    Before learning to completely control her body during sex, you first need to learn to completely control your OWN body. While most men spend hours learning to control various athletic coordination in their body (everything from learning to snow-board to learning how to type requires a LOT of practice-and usally expert instruction-to master), yet most men spend almost no time learning to control their orgasm and ejaculation.

    Like any other physical skill, controlling your ejaculation can be learned.

    • Learn to withhold ejaculation at will, even during intense excitement
    • Train yourself to have multiple orgasms during a single night without losing your erection in between
    • Have orgasms that are far more powerful and last longer than any you have experienced in the past
    • Enjoy harder and more durable erections
    • Control your ejaculation even when she wants you to go fast and for a long time before she can reach orgasm

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  • Passionate Lover, Passionate Life

    Passionate Lover Passion Life


    • Create A Relationship Of Lasting Love... And Deep Sexual Passion
    • Inspire Your Woman To Be More Passionate With Her Heart... And With Her Body
    • Live With The Full Force Of Your Passion... And Make Your Life Your Masterpiece

    A man's guide to unleashing his passions in life, using sex and sexual skills as a way to cultivate a life of adventure and strong emotional power.

    How to banish boredom, live fearlessly, and even embrace just the right amount of danger into your life to keep your edge, and take joy in every breath...

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  • Sexual Mastery

    Sexual Mastery

    SEXUAL MASTERY: Completely Shatter Her Expectations Of What Is Possible In the Bedroom...

    Becoming a truly "masterful" lover requires the art of building intimacy and trust. In this 6-CD audio program, I guide you through more specific ideas for getting on the fast track to...

    Giving your partner incredibly powerful orgasms

    Create powerful and lasting sexual attraction

    • Unlock ANY woman's "wild side"
    • Gain total control over your erection
    • Make your woman "try harder" to please and be attractive to YOU
    • Give you incredible and nearly instant success in the bedroom
    • Creating a "spiritual" feeling intimacy in your relationship and your love-making
    • Dramatically enhance your own sexual pleasure
    • Learn to achieve male non-ejaculatory orgasm so that you can come as many times as you want throughout the night

    Get more information on this ground-breaking master series by clicking below:

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  • The Revolutionary Sex Interview Series


    How To Secretly Eavesdrop, Listen In On, And Get Advice
    From Guys Who Are Real-World Masters In The Bedroom--
    And Literally Listen To Me Pick Their Brains
    For All Of Their Secrets--
    All From The Comfort Of Your Own Home...

    Now you can hear the guys that are masters at giving women sexual pleasure (including top experts in sexology, tantra, psychology, communication, body language, sensual massage, human behavior, and spirituality), along with a few select women who know how to coach men to this level of expertise, and have them teach you exactly how to give women the most intense sexual pleasure that exists...

    Check out the full description of my ongoing research with these experts right here:

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  • Special Report: Initiating Sex Without Ever Being Rejected

    How to Initiate Sex Without Ever Being Rejected


    Whether you are single and dating... or have been married for many years...

    Every man deals with the issue of being the one who has to "start" the sexual activity.

    Sure, sometimes, she gets feisty and starts things up, or maybe she just drops some hints, but usually it's up to us, and doing it the RIGHT way can be the difference between a great night of fun... and going to sleep frustrated and feeling rejected.

    Learn more about this guide to starting things up in a way that makes her feel incredibly positive about getting sexual whenever and where ever you want it...

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  • Special Report: The Couple's Guide to Revolutionary Sex

    The Couple's Guide To Revolutionary Sex


    My eBook, Revolutionary Sex, is filled with techniques and ideas for super-charging your sexual relationships, whether you are dating or in a serious, long-term, committed relationship.

    But being in a relationship has many "special circumstances" (like waning sexual attraction over time) and "opportunities" (like the chance to truly experience sex as a transcendent expression of your spiritual love).

    This mini-book is for men in loving, long-term relationships ONLY.

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  • Special Report: The Secrets Of Sexual Fitness

    The Secrets Of Sexual Fitness


    "The Facts about foods, exercises, and herbs that enhance sexual performance"

    From pills that promise to make your penis grow, to herbs and supplements for making you harder and last longer, to exercises like "Kegel Compressions" and "Jelqing", the world is FILLED with promises about the "amazing" sexual benefits of hundreds of products.

    What works... and what's just B.S.?

    I did the research so you don't have to... here's my results:

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